Advanced hair removal Treatment

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Complete Face:

Women: Laser hair removal is the best painless alternative to get rid of facial hair. We customize the treatments to include one of these areas as a combination that is upper lip, chin, cheeks, nose, side locks, forehead and jawline, above and in between eyebrows, front and back of neck.

Men: Laser hair removal can be done for beard shaping or permanent facial hair removal those who wants to achieve a lasting groomed appearing. Laser hair removal can be done on men for permanent hair removal or thinning. Commonly we do beard shaping, Removal or thinning of hairs on chest and abdomen, back and shoulder, pubic area, under arms.

Full Body:

Many precious hours and days are spent in painfull procedures such as shaving, waxing and tweezing for getting rid of unwanted hairs over the body without much results. Whole body laser can now be done at celeste with advance hair removal solution with triple wavelength technology which targets hair follicles at multiple depths. Probe used has unique cooling technology which makes it painless.

Chin & Upper Lip:

There are several causes for hair growth on chin such as hormonal causes, medications, aging etc. Commonly it is removed by threading which is a painful procedure. Shaving in these areas may result in thick and coarse hair. Permanent laser hair removal is the best choice in these areas as it is painless and gives you permanent results.


Bikini Line:

Laser hair removal can be safely done in these areas too to get a clean and hygienic look. Areas covered include normal bikini line or removal of hair from entire pubic area .It is painless and permanent.


Chest & Abdomen:

Laser hair removal is the best option for men who wants to get rid of hair completely from the chest and abs or even wants to thin out their hairs eventually. Few women who have hairs on their chest area or around the nipple areas, abdomen can also be treated with laser hair removal safely.


Back & Shoulders:

Laser hair removal is the best choice for the men who wants to get rid of hair completely or even thinned out from shoulders and back. It is safest , painless and quick giving you permanent results.


Advanced hair removal Treatment

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FDA Approved Treatment

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