5 apps to fulfill all kinds of calendaring needs

Here I am going to discuss about 5 most feature-rich calendar apps that may help you to stay organized with a perfect level of convenience.

We all are well connected and known to the calendar that is basic feature in our devices. Nowadays, there are numerous calendar applications to help you in multiple ways. These commercial calendar systems calendars can use anywhere for various works including home, business, commercial etc. Check out the below list of calendars:

1.  Desktop Calendar

The desktop calendar is the basic and free calendar available in each device. Just like its name, this app can be found directly on the windows desktop. This is its feature that you can use for events, birthdays, work schedules and many more. Displaying the calendar means it is always available for you on your device screen. Though it does not need to open, again and again, it does not really do very much.

2.  Active Desktop Calendar

It seems similar to Desktop calendar in windows desktop, but it is designed with some more featured than the desktop calendar. Though the calendar consumes more space on your desktop, you must check the feature on the downside to added functionality. This app could appear as more cluttered.

The feature of Active Desktop calendar includes notes, tasks, contacts, and customizable reminders. You can also change or customize the event's text color.

3.  Calendar 200X

Calendar 200X is easy to use or can say user-friendly calendar app without sacrificing functionality. It is relatively clean and automatically employs attention-getting icons and enlists holidays without being obnoxious about itself. The backup feature is also available that can save as graphic including its own built-in almanac. I could say you must try it once.

4.  Efficient Calendar Free

It provides a set of feature that rivals the paid calendar apps. Just like other calendar apps, it also has multiple features and option of entering and saving appointments, events and more. The most unknown features of Efficient Calendar Free include a search interface, a task list, an events list, and a recycle bin for calendar entries that are less common on other calendars. 

5.  Desktop Calendar and Personal Planner

This calendar app is full-featured apps that display your schedule in different views like day view, week view, or a month view. It can consist of a business week or a personal week. You can configure appointments, reminders, recurrences, events and more with a handy button to reschedule events.

The software of this app includes an integrated web browser according to browser type. It directly integrates with mail services it might be Gmail or Hotmail. You can try its free version for a few days.

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