Sometimes it can be a hard task to do homework and learn new things. Thankfully, technology has made things easier when it comes to learning. Today, we are going to tell you about some incredible educational apps that are widely used by students across the globe. So let’s get started.





1. Duolingo


It is a popular language learning app that can be easily downloaded for Android and iOS devices. This app is considered as one of the best apps to learn foreign languages. If students want to practice what they learned in their classroom, then they can use this app to revise their curriculum.


It has more than thirty different languages to learn and study; students can learn German, Spanish, French, Italian, and other languages. This app is not only limited to just reading the text but also uses writing tasks, speaking practice, memorize vocabulary, and different ways of study. You can find this app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free.


2. Photomath


As we all know that math is the one the toughest course for students, and it has many calculations and complicated formulas. Most of the students forget mathematical formulas after a long day, but Photomath helps students practice math. It helps them learn with easy step by step tutorials, which allows students to learn math in the right way.


3. Yousician


Music is sometimes overlooked, but it has been proven to enhance language, retention skills, and motor skills. It also has been noted that music helps students to relax their mind from stress. But some may find it hard to learn and play a musical instrument. The good news is that Yousician will allow you to practice guitar, bass, ukulele, and piano.


4. Khan Academy


Khan Academy is a popular app among students because it helps them learn math, science, computing, economics, history, and many other school subjects. This app offers 150000 exercises to study the curriculum according to the grade and level. Surprisingly this app is free to use.


5. PowerSchool Mobile


Many schools use this app to organize school grades and reports of their students. Not every school utilizes this app to manage the performance report of students, but if your kid’s school supports it, then you can install this app to keep an eye on your student’s grades and report cards.


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