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The Boys Season 2 Returns with a Huge Change from The Comics

It did not take much time for Amazon’s adaptation of The Boys to become a massive success on the Internet. The way the show presents the parallels between our society and the treatment of celebrities is attracting a lot of viewers to watch the show. After witnessing such success within a short amount of time makes it a no brainer that Amazon is planning a sequel to the show. The comic books fans should be excited about the news because it seems like more characters from the comic are going to make an appearance in the adaptation.

The story revolves around Billy Butcher who hates the superheroes and the organization which has hired them for work, Vought. He forms a group of people naming them The Boys for only one reason, eradication of the superheroes. The show does an excellent job of adapting the comic as a direct adaptation of the comics would not have been a pretty sight on the big screen. The show keeps the underlying theme of the comics intact and makes the show enjoyable for the audience. Eric Kripke, who is the director and producer of the show, has done an excellent job of adapting the show.

*Spoiler Alerts Ahead*

The post is going to contain spoilers from the show and comics, and it will also cover topics like suicide and physical assault.

Billy Butcher is the leader of The Boys with a foul mouth and reasonable charm. His viciousness and hatred towards the superheroes have a base though. In the comics, Butcher seeks revenge on the supes (superheroes) because of the death of his wife. One day as they are laying together, his wife dies when a child prematurely comes out of her. The child then goes on to attack Billy with his laser eyes. Billy handles the situation like he handles everything, with violence. Afterward, he finds out that his wife was raped and that the Homelander fathered the baby. Consequently, Billy starts to grow hatred towards the superheroes and the organization Vought.

In the show, however, Billy’s wife, Becca, is supposed to be dead. She suddenly disappears, the reason being unknown. But in the last few episodes of the series, it is revealed that Becca is alive. Both Billy and the Homelander find out about it together. The Homelander reveals that it was a consensual affair; however, it is up to the viewers to depict the scene as they think is correct. In the show, Becca survives the pregnancy and raises the superpowered child in hiding.

The show ends with Billy and Homelander fighting it out while amidst all the fighting Homelander finds Becca and his child. Vought has hidden Becca and the child away from Billy and the Homelander. Homelander meets his eight-year-old superpowered child, and Billy gets to see his wife after nearly a decade.

It is a crucial change from the comics and an interesting twist of events too, but it does not represent Becca in a good light. Billy has sought revenge against the superheroes for the sole reason that his wife was killed. This is the case in both comics and the show, but now finding out that his wife is alive has left him in a loss of words. It is something that will undoubtedly be explored in the next season.

The fans depicted this sudden random appearance as a sign of a crossover event, but as it would seem it was not meant to be taken seriously.

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