Street Fighter 5: Three New Characters Revealed

With the upcoming release of the new game series Street Fighter 5, three characters(Honda, Poison, and Lucia) were revealed on Steam. This does not look very good as the Evo 2019 is coming and will continue throughout the week.

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All the characters were originally planned to be released on Sunday as it is the last day of Evo fighting tournament 2019, but recently a video was released on Steam leaking three of the fighters. The video was quickly taken down, but the damage was already done. The video trailer suggested that some costumes and Honda Senta stage are excluded from the bundle.

Edmond Honda and Poison are already known characters to the players; however, Lucia is a newcomer.

These characters will be released on the grand finals of Street Fighter and will be available on Monday through summer 2019 character bundle.

Edmond Honda made his debut in the series in Street Fighter 2: The World Warriors. His reincarnation in the upcoming release seems really faithful to his original appearance. His two V triggering moves Tajikarao and Onigawara seem to strengthen his grapple and flying head butt moves. Also, his bathhouse stage from the Street Fighter 2 is also reappearing.

Alongside with Honda, there are Poison and Lucia, both of them from the final fight. Poison started as a villain in the original final fight; however, it was only a cameo, and then she had been a playable character since Ultra Street Fighter 4. Lucia has been a playable character since Super NES beat ’em up Final Fight 3 and in Street Fighter 5. Lucia is also a member of the Metro City Police Department. The V-Triggers move, Weapon Fury move and Burning Fight move, power her up with nightstick- and her fire-based attacks too.

According to Tamoor Hussain, the slicker user interface packed with fully-featured online as well as offline modes, and all the game characters rolled out until now -along with Sakura, make the first fighter from Season 3 of its DLC-Street Fighter V feel like a whole package.

Street Fighter 5 had its most recent addition, The Fighter Kage, last December. Unlike previous years Capcom announced that traditional season passes for characters would not be released in 2019.

The franchise has been a real sensation but only among the selective fanbase, whereas its arcade edition can be recommended to everyone. With the upcoming editions, characters, and even global tournaments finally the series looks alive.

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