Steps to Mark Email as Unread on Mac

Looking for a suitable way to mark an email as unread on your Mac Mail app? If you are facing such an issue, then no need to worry. Read this information till the end to learn the procedure to perform the simple function of “Mark as Unread” and “Mark as Read” in the Mail app for Mac users. It will help you for sure. But remember this fact in your mind, that you can’t change the status of your inbox mail from “read” to “unread “or vice versa. Here, we will discuss the three different methods to accomplish this common emailing task.


Steps to Mark an Email as Unread on Mac Mail

Through Message menu one can easily mark an email as Unread or read on a Mac device by following the steps:

Step-1: Firstly, you need to open the Mail app on your Mac device.

Step-2: Now, select the mail option that you wish to mark as unread.

Step-3: After that, just pull down the “Messages” menu and then choose “Mark as Unread” option.

Step-4: Here, you need to repeat with the other emails as preferred to change their read/unread status

It will change the message status to be marked as unread, or marked as read, depending on what the current status of the message was when the command was entreated. If you are good at Mac shortcuts, then by pressing  command+Shift+U keyboard shortcut combination one can quickly be logging emails as read or unread. for implementing this, select the email and press the key combination. This is same in both the case of marking an email as read or unread for Mac users in the mail.

Ways to Mark a Mac Mail Email as Read / Unread with a Right Click

Mac users can quickly mark an email as read or as unread based on their status. for this, users need to right-click either with the two-fingers over a trackpad or control-clicking or preferring a literal right click on a mouse or trackpad. Performing this task is easy, just select the email you wish to mark as read or unread, and then select “Mark as Unread” or “Mark as Read” respectively.

Such facilities are particularly handy for users of Mac, who wants to practice the Unread Email Filter on Mail for Mac. In this user’s can quickly scan and classify emails, based on the status as read or unread will move items in and out of that displayed email list.

An added advantage for all Mac users is that they can customize the simple Mail menu button on the Mac for the unread / read behavior. If you are a user of any other email apps and clients through or have a mobile device, you can use a “Mark as Unread” / “Mark as Read” button in Gmail, and there’s always the standard access to mark as unread or mark as read like on iPhone and iPad Mail,  gestures are also there for marking as read/unread for iPhone Mail as well.

For managing mark as read or mark as unread, there are a few other tricks that one can practice for learning behavior on the Ma. This requires Mail plugins or defaults commands, which are best for advanced Mac users who are comfortable with these methods. Hopefully, this information helped you somewhere.

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