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Steps - By - Steps Process to Install a New HP Printer

Steps — By — Steps Process to Install a New HP Printer

If you’ve got got a replacement H.P. printer and you would like to put in it, this text is for you. The directions compiled here area unit straightforward and reliable. However, as you recognize that things get it wrong despite your best efforts, follow them rigorously. it’ll prevent an excellent deal of your time by preventing the items from going wrong and facing H.P. printer issues. Check the below mentioned free H.P. printer support guide. bear in mind this guide presents a generic procedure for many of the H.P. wired-cum-wireless printers and not for a selected model.


Grab your H.P. printer setup kit. Open it to search out the H.P. printer installation disk, completely different wires, power adapter, and H.P. printer support manual. currently, create a note of your printer model or version. it’ll be written at the rear or front of the device. conjointly create a note of the merchandise key if there’s any. If you would like to line up a wireless printer association, you need to have the static or dynamic information science address, Subnet Mask, and entry data. you’ll be able to acquire this data from your net Service supplier (ISP).

Connect your H.P. printer to the facility outlet victimisation the facility adapter and also the cable. Plug one finish of the facility cable firmly into your H.P. printer and run its different finish within the power adapter that came with the kit. currently, run the facility adapter’s cable into the electrical outlet and switch it on. If your H.P. printer setup kit came while not an influence adapter, don’t worry. you’ll be able to connect your printer straight to the electricity outlet victimisation the facility cable. However, an influence adapter association is most popular quite a straight power association.

When turned on, the printer can boot. you’ll see the inexperienced power lights on the printer. It means that the printer is on and prepared. If it isn’t, press the facility or On button on the device. currently, hunt for the USB cable which will connect your printer to your pc and keep it handy. don’t connect it, simply keep it besides. shut all the presently opened programs on your monitor. When done, insert the H.P. printer installation disk into the drive of your pc and restart it. opt to boot from the CD and follow the on-screen prompts.

When the pc has rebooted, you ought to see the autorun H.P. printer, installation wizard. If you are doing not see AN machine prompt when anticipating 1–2 minutes, click on the beginning menu and browse to My pc (Windows 7/Vista users ought to attend Computer). hunt for the removable compact disc read-only memory icon. it would be underneath E drive if this can be your removable media directory is. It is something that you simply have chosen as your default location. Double click the CD, setup.exe icon then click the Run button to execute the wizard.

When asked, enter your H.P. printer’s model or create and settle for the H.P. product license agreement. Click Next when every command to continue. once prompted, connect the USB cable firmly to the USB port of your pc and run its different finish into your printer’s USB port. once connected, the installation wizard can discover the hardware changes and prompt you thus. If the wizard doesn’t discover the printer and shows a blunder message, power off the printer then power on. The wizard can discover the printer. Hit the successive button.

When prompted, opt to install the required driver software package. you’ll be able to either opt for the drivers to download from the H.P. web site (your net association should move at that time), from the H.P. printer installation disk itself, or from the list of drivers on your pc. For that last choice to work, your pc should have all the required driver software package thereon. no matter the possibility you decide on hit successive button later. It will take a while, therefore hold back.

When prompted, customise your settings. opt for whether or not to transfer driver software package updates and patches mechanically or manually. choose whether or not you would like to push for update install currently or post-installation. conjointly create your choice for a wired or wireless association. For a wireless association, check that that your printer is correctly connected to the proper port of your wireless router. Besides, you’ll want the static or dynamic information science address, Subnet Mask, and entry data as mentioned within the start.

When done, hit the end button to shut the installation wizard window and resuscitate your pc. When done, your pc can resuscitate. Take the installation disk out and place it back in its safe case. Keep it back within the kit or at an area wherever it’s far from harm, moisture, and unauthorized reach. you would possibly want it within the future. When done, revisit to the pc. there’ll be printer icon on your desktop otherwise you may see a notification within the begin menu that a replacement program has been put in. Open H.P. printer from the route and check the print settings by going into the Properties menu. When done, print a check page.

Additional Tidbits:

If you face any issue throughout or when the installation procedure and you’re unable to induce through it, contact H.P. technical support or H.P. product support service.

The author of this text is related to HP Printer Support opposition, HP Printer Support opposition. maybe a cloud-based mostly technical support supplier to customers and tiny businesses. if you’ve got any drawback whereas activity the higher than steps and wish technical schoolgirl help for H.P. tech support, you’ll be able to reach HP Printer Support online technical support at their Toll-Free No 800–608–2315

About HP Printer Support opposition.

HP Printer Support opposition. maybe a cloud-based mostly on-line technical support supplier to customers and tiny businesses. HP Printer Support provides support to users for problems with their PCs, Mac’s, Tablets, Phones like iPhone and Blackberry and devices like MP3 players, Printers, Scanners, Fax, Wireless networking gear, Netflix, Roku boxes and TVs. With an infatuated target quality and building technical experience, HP Printer Support continues to take care of a problem resolution rate of quite ninetieth. HP Printer Support’s credibleness has been tested by quite ten thousand customers. presently HP Printer Support provides support services to customers and tiny businesses in us.


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