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You have found something interesting on Google search or had a bet with a friend of yours or you want to share the Google search result that proves you right? In all such scenario how you will share the search result? Well simply copying and pasting a gigantic URL from the results page and sharing it with someone else doesn’t seem attractive. Let’s find out some interesting passive-aggressive ways to do it without being annoyed or annoying anyone.


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With the evolution of smartphones now Google is making it a little easier to share the search result. Any guesses how? Well, let’s see. Read till the end, and discover all your answer.

With the help of a share button in the Google app. This feature is currently available for the beta version of the Google app on Android smartphones. Since Google is testing the feature for the reach of this very limited feature. To use this, you need to sign up for the beta version of Google. Here you can play around with it (and maybe something more) and help to make a better user experience for the users.

You can sign up for Google app’s beta version by following these below-listed steps:-

Step-1: Visit Google’s opt-in page for the google app from – (I didn’t use the share button here).

Step-2: Select the “Become a tester” button on the bottom corner of the right side.

Step-3: Pull up the google play store on your device and check for an update for the app.

Congratulations! You have made it to the beta house. Now you can explore all the features while testing which might or might not see the light of an official update.

Now, start to search for whatever you want. The share button will appear on the right of the search result. By pressing the button, you will be allowed to share a shortened URL. You can share the result through any of the traditional methods like a text message, and email and so on. When the recipient clicks on the link, it will open up the Google app.  In case, the user is opening on an android device or in case of desktop it will take the user to the traditional search page.

After you are done with the testing and want to return to your usual life you can opt-out of the beta program using the same process. Google is currently only testing this feature, and it’s unknown when will it be available, but we hope a larger audience will get to experience it soon. The feature will then be made available for the Google app on the iOS platform too.

Keep an eye on the Google app updates and experience it yourself.  Keep reading all our updates and hopefully, you will not be left with any sort of queries.

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