LifeSim: 7 Tips and Tricks You Need To Know

We are in the day and age where Minecraft is getting back in trend along with the culture to play simulator games. One of the famous money-making stimulation games is LifeSim. This game gives you the opportunity to grow and build a career, family, and personal life.

Here is a beginner’s guide as to

How to play LifeSim and become a business tycoon.

The game will only allow one name for the company, but other aspects of the game look promising as it allows you to live a dream life in there. You can be anything from an actor, to a businessman, even a politician if you want to.


Source:- LifeSim: 7 Tips and Tricks You Need To Know

Master the basics

You will have to start from the very basics. So, choose your name, appearance, and occupation before you move to the top of the food chain and start earning hefty amounts of money. You can buy villas, vehicles, and any luxurious item to your liking, and even meet the partner of your dreams and build a family.

However, you have to be ready for sudden challenges that may come your way, and also make sure that you do not sacrifice the life you have built there just for the sake of earning big bucks and becoming famous.

It is a management game

The first thing that you should know is that it is a simple game. It is a game created for the casual gamer out there. Whatever occupation you chose, you will start at the bottom, just turned 18 and fresher. So it is up to you as to how to manage and divide the time among activities. Your character can also be customized with new hairstyles, facial hairs, skin color, even gender. Make sure that you remain healthy, happy, and earn stable money so that you do not go broke.

Watch ads to speed up progress

The game allows you to increase your experience and progress by watching Ads for a certain limited amount of time. So make sure that you watch them, and take full advantage of it.

Happiness and Health with Money on the side

Do not just do activities for experience and quality time. You have to earn some money side by side to balance out the lifestyle you have chosen.

Start a commitment

Setting up a relationship and carrying it out is a big part of the game. So make sure you find a suitable partner and start a relationship with them. This will boost your in-game progress and help you grow quickly.

Beware of Random Surprises

Just like real life, there are many surprises lying in your way in the game. You can fall ill, have an accident, or even earn some extra cash so just lookout for it.

Finish Achievements

You can finish achievements in-game to level up faster. They can be collected in the settings section of the menu.

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