How to Turn On USB Debugging Mode on Android Devices

The Android USB debugging mode is very useful in various situations. With the help of this feature, you can sideload apps from your PC. It also enables you to install custom ROM in your Android phone. You can transfer data across two devices, recover your dead phone(bricked) and much more. So, it is also good to keep the debugging mode on because your phone becomes brick then you can also fix it by connecting it to your PC.

What is USB Debugging Mode on Android?

USB Debugging Mode is a developer mode, which enables newly created apps to be installed on an  Android device via a USB cable. It is also used by developers to read the internal logs of an Android device. Most developers use this feature to test and program newly created apps. It also creates Android Debug Bridge, by which a user can give advanced commands to their Android devices.

How to Activate USB Debugging on Android Devices?

Activating USB Debugging mode is pretty is easy and only take a few minutes. This setting is hidden in your device.

  1. At the Home screen of your Android phone, pull the notification panel by swiping your finger downwards.
  2. Now tap the “Settings” icon which looks like a gear.
  3. After that, Scroll down to the end of the list.
  4. Tap ‘About phone’ or ‘About tablet on your Android device.
  5. Now here you have to unlock the hidden settings on your device, tap multiple times on “Build number” option until you see a message “you are now a developer.”
  6. Now you have unlocked a hidden settings “Developer option” which will provide you the option to activate the USB debugging mode.
  7. To navigate to the Developer option, open Settings and scroll down and look for “Develop option”, then tap on it.
  8. You can see that Developer option are currently disabled, first enable them by tapping on the on/off button.
  9. Hit the OK button when asked for confirmation.
  10. Now navigate to the USB debugging option.
  11. Tap it to enable and when asked for confirmation press ‘OK.’

From now on, whenever you will connect your mobile to a PC, you will receive a notification asking for you to allow for USB debugging on your Android phone.

Now the USB Debugging mode is enabled and can be used for various purposes as discussed earlier in this article.

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