How to Troubleshoot the Major Issues in Canon Camera

With time, every gadget starts giving some problems, some give in a few months and some in years. Device performance entirely depends on the way it is used. Imagine you want to take a shot of your cat’s yawn, but you fail because your camera doesn’t turn on, or the display doesn’t show anything. Possibly, this would be a bad experience for you. If you’re also encountering some issues while using your Canon camera, then this article will help you.

Here is how to troubleshoot the major issues in Canon camera.

Troubleshooting problems in cameras can be a little tricky than your phone. And sometimes, you also won’t be able to identify the reason for problems. Some major issues that occur in Canon camera with the causes and the solutions to troubleshoot it are given here.

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Camera won’t turn on

There could be different reasons for this issue. Hardware, as well as software problems, can cause your camera not to turn on. You should start checking from hardware, check whether the battery is in the camera and is inserted correctly. Take out the battery and check the right inside and outside face and reinsert it correctly. After that, try turning on your camera if it still won’t turn on, try charging the battery fully. Make sure you’re charging it correctly, and the charger is working. When the battery is charged fully, clean its metal terminals and reinsert it into the camera. Also, don’t forget to close the battery compartment door properly. These tips will turn on your camera as well as prevent such problems from happening in the future.

Nothing appears on the Camera display

A DISP button is provided on several Canon Powershot cameras, which turns on or off the LCD. If the image is not showing on the LCD of your Canon camera, then check if you also have this button on your camera. Try pressing the DISP button and see if anything appears on the screen. These cameras have an electronic viewfinder that is used for framing photos. If the live screen is active there, then pressing the button will take it back to the display. And, the image will appear again on your camera screen.

Lens not retracting completely

This problem mostly happens when something like debris comes on the lens housing and obstructs the lens from retracting. Check the lens housing and use a clean, smooth, and dry cloth to remove debris and clean the housing. Make sure to clean the housing when the lens is fully extended. Or else it will damage the lens, as well as be careful while cleaning. This might also happen when the battery compartment cover is inadvertently opened by you while using your camera. Close the battery compartment cover carefully and restart the camera. The lens will now retract.

The camera display is flickering

Maybe you haven’t noticed this camera display flickers when it is too close to a light source. This will also happen when you’re trying to capture or shoot in very low light. The flickering issue only happens because of the surrounding light. If you’ve held your camera close to fluorescent light, then change your location and check if the display is still flickering. Changing your position can solve the issue, if the screen is flickering continuously and in all light conditions, then your camera requires repairing.

White dots on the captured images

This is most likely to happen because of the reflection of camera flash due to dust or other particles in the surrounding. It also happens when any other light reflects in front of your camera. Try turning off your camera flash or other light and wait for particles to settle down and clear the surrounding. If it isn’t possible, try changing your position and then check if the white dots still appear in the images. If the dots are still coming, then possibly something is on your camera lens. Check your camera lens, and clean it carefully with a soft clean cloth.

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