How to Stop BackgroundTransferhost.exe

Many Windows 10 users are complaining that they get a process which is known as BackgroundTransferhost.exe through high network bandwidth. Some users are complaining that the BackgroundTransfer.exe process blocks RAM and CPU resources. If you want to stop BackgroundTransferhost.exe, then go through the steps mentioned below.

Steps to Stop Backgroundtransferhost.exe

If you don’t have any virus on your system, then you can go through this procedure to make sure that the system resources are not registered with the backgroundtransfer.exe process.

You can use a different method to stop the Backgroundtransferhost.exe  for using computer resources.

Steps to Stop Settings Sync

In case you are using the Windows account on the system, go through the steps mentioned below to stop settings sync. Go through the instructions to turn off the Sync setting:

•    Click Windows and R keys together.

•    It will launch the Run prompt box.

•    Enter “ms-settings: sync” in the search bar.

•    Click on the Enter option.

•    It will open the Sync your Settings option.

•    It is located on the Settings option.

•    After you have opened the Sync your Settings option, go to the right-side panel.

•    Go down to the Sync settings display.

•    You need to turn off the option registered with the Sync settings.

•    Start the system and check if you are still getting the  backgroundTransferhost.exe.

Steps to Stop the Time Broker Service

This procedure will help you to resolve the computer resource errors registered with the Backgroundtransferhost.exe. You can stop the Time Broker service by following the steps mentioned below:

•    Click on the Windows and R keys together.

•    It will launch the Run prompt box.

•    In the search bar, enter “regedit.”

•    Click on the Enter option.

•    It will launch the Registry Editor menu.

•    On the User Account Control menu, press on the Yes button.

•    After going in the Registry Editor menu, start using the left corner panel to go to the below-mentioned command:


•    After going to the right location, go down to the right-side panel.

•    Click twice on the Start value.

•    In the Edit Dword Value menu, start setting the Base to Hexadecimal and Value data option to 4.

•    Press on the OK option to turn off the Time broker service option.

•    After making the changes, start the system again.

•    Check if you have successfully stopped the BackgroundTransferhost.exe.

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