How to Fix WerFault.exe Application Error

You will face the WerFault.exe application error when you try to use the Microsoft applications like Mail, Settings, Calendar and many others. This issue can be very irritating, but you can solve it by following some simple methods. Go through the instructions mentioned below to get rid of this issue.

Here’s How to Fix WerFault.exe Application Error

•    Restarting the Windows Error Reporting Service

1.    Go to the Run Utility.

2.    For this, you have to press on the Windows and R keys together given on the system keyboard.

3.    Enter “services.msc” in the given box without the exclamation mark.

4.    Press on the OK button.

5.    It will launch the Services tool.

6.    The additional way to go to the Control Panel.

7.    Find the Control Panel in the Start menu.

8.    Find it through the Start menu search option.

9.    Once the Control Panel menu gets open, start changing the View by option.

10.    It is given at the upper right-hand side of the screen.

11.    Go down till you find the Administrative Tools option.

12.    Press on the Administrative Tools option.

13.    Find the Services shortcut located at the end of the display.

14.    Press on the Services shortcut option.

15.    Find the Windows Error Reporting Service option located on the menu list.

16.    You need to right-click on the Windows Error Reporting Service option.

17.    Choose the properties option.

18.    It is located on the prompt box.

19.    After starting the service, you need to prevent it by pressing on the Stop option.

20.    It is located in the center of the window.

21.    Ensure that the option is given below the Startup type tab.

22.    It is located in the service properties menu.

23.    Verify the prompt box which will show after adjusting the type of the startup.

24.    Press on the Start option

25.    It is located at the end of the screen.

26.    You will get the error text after pressing on the Start menu.

If you are getting the Windows  Error Reporting Service on your system. Then you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

1.    Go to the service properties menu.

2.   Click on the Sign In option.

3.    Press on the Browse option.

4.    Below the “Enter the object name to select” checkbox.

5.    Enter the name of the account.

6.    Press on the Check Names option.

7.    Wait until the name displays on the system.

8.    Press on the OK button.

9.    Enter the password in the password section.

•    Updating the Windows to Its Latest Version

1.    Start using the Windows and I keys together.

2.    It will launch the Settings tab on the Windows computer.

3.    Additionally, find the Settings tab through the text field given at the toolbar.

4.    Find and go to the Update and Security column.

5.    It is located in the settings tab.

6.    You will find this in the Windows Update option.

7.    Press on the Check for updates option given below the Update status.

8.    Check if there is the latest version of Windows is available or not.

9.    You need to start installing the Windows latest version.

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