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How To Fix Error Of Authentication On Android

It is quite usual nowadays to face an Authentication error while connecting with a wireless network on your Android device. Several reasons are usually responsible for the authentication error but the incorrect password is the biggest of them. It is not necessary you are facing the issue just because of the wrong password. There are several other reasons involved that prevent you from connecting with the network. Here are some of the basic reasons that cause Authentication error on your Android device while connecting to a wireless network and the ways to fix it.


Check The Password

It is basically the first thing every user should do while facing an Authentication error issue. Sometimes you misplace a single letter or number while feeding the password and it shows authentication error. And in case you forget the password, go to the home web provided to you by the connection provider and the password will be visible there. Users need to recheck the password by signing in on the web page provided by connection distributor.

Check Network Settings

Network settings on your Android smartphone may be glitched. Go to the settings menu and choose network settings and tap on the reset option available. By resetting the network settings, it comes again at default, and the issue gets fixed by itself. Network setting becomes glitched by using multiple wireless and the mobile network. It needs to be reset from time to time to prevent such errors on your smartphone.

Turn On Airplane Mode

Turning on the Airplane mode on your smartphone is amongst the fastest way to resolve the authentication error issue. If you are facing the problem, scroll down the notification bar on your mobile and click on the airplane icon to put the phone on airplane mode. Put it back on the network mode after a few minutes, and the authentication error will go away. It works like an old-school trick of switching off the phone and turning it on later to resolve any issue.

Check IP Address

Smartphones automatically feed the IP address of the network you connect your phone with. But sometimes, the IP address is wrong and users have to feed it in the phone manually. Every wireless connection contains an IP address which needs to be filled correctly to connect with the network. It is advisable to check the IP address of the network to which you are trying to connect with.

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