How to Download and Use Canon Camera Connect App on your Phone?

Want to take your own picture remotely with your Canon DSLR whenever you want?  Here is the Canon Camera Connect app for you. Nowadays, many digital cameras are preinstalled with wireless connectivity, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. But hardly anyone knows how to take advantage of these features. Canon is one of the most famous manufacturers of cameras in the world. Some Canon cameras also have wireless capabilities (Bluetooth & Wi-Fi) installed that can be used to connect and operate the camera remotely. Users can connect their Canon camera via the Canon Camera Connect app to their compatible device to use it remotely. Once the camera connects to your phone, you'll be able to take photos, view and download stored images, as well as adjust camera settings remotely through your phone.

Here is how to download and use the Canon Camera Connect App on your Phone.

Compatible Camera and Smartphones

  • If you have an Android phone, then it must be running on Android version Android 4.3 and later to use the app.
  • If you have an iPhone, then it must be running on iOS 9.3, 10.3, or 11.2 to use the app. Connect Camera application can also run on other versions, but there isn't any guarantee.
  • Canon Camera Connect app can work with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, but due to low latency, it works better with Bluetooth. To use the application with Bluetooth, both your camera and phone must have Bluetooth 4.0.

How to download and connect your Canon camera with Camera Connect app

The complete connecting procedure requires tweaking a setting on both devices, camera, and phone. This will start from your Canon camera and ends on your phone. Before going ahead, make sure you've installed the app on your phone. Those who haven't installed it yet, visit their PlayStore/AppStore, search for 'Canon Camera Connect' and install the app. Once the app installs, hold your Canon camera and do the following.

  1. Start your Canon Camera.
  2. Then click the 'Menu' button.
  3. Now, go to the configuration tab.
  4. And select 'Wi-Fi/NFC' or 'Bluetooth' depending on the option your camera provides.
  5. Choose 'Enable'.
  6. Select 'OK.' In some cameras, you'll have to choose 'Wi-Fi' here.
  7. Now, type a nickname for your camera by using the given alphabets and numbers. Here, some cameras give you the option to 'Connect to Smartphone.'
  8. Select 'OK.'
  9. Now, select the 'Wi-Fi function' option from the screen you've selected 'Wi-Fi/NFC.'
  10. Choose 'Connect to Smartphone.'
  11. Then pick 'Easy connection.' If you see the 'Connect' option, then you can select it.
  12. Pick up your phone and open 'Settings.'
  13. Go to 'Wi-Fi' settings and find your camera in the available devices list.
  14. Select your camera and tap 'Connect.' This will connect your phone to your camera, and now you've to complete the process in the app.
  15. Launch the 'Canon Camera Connect' app on your phone.
  16. Select your camera to finish the process.

Once the connection process completes successfully, your camera display will turn off, and you'll see a message on your phone saying, "Connected to Camera." Now, control your camera with your phone, take photos, record videos, view and download previous pictures and even do the camera settings right from the Camera Connect app.

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