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How to Copy and Paste in Microsoft Excel like a Pro

As the use of computer devices around the globe has expanded exponentially, mastering Microsoft Office is a must if you want to grow in the field. Microsoft Excel is an integral part of the MS Office. The Paste tab and Special tools in Microsoft Excel allow you the control over how you want to copy and paste the content. Here is how you can learn to use these tools.

Copy Pasting content in Microsoft Excel can prove to be tricky. You may want to copy content from one cell to the other one, or you may want to select just a specific part of it. You may want to choose the complete cell, only the data, only the Formula, just the format or a combination of several items. Well, the good news is you can master the copy and paste option in Excel, just by mastering Paste options and Special Tools. By selecting the apt option, you will gain control over what you paste.

The article contains tips and tricks that can be applied to an older version of MS Excel too. So if you want to be caught up with the article, create a spreadsheet with some rows and columns. Add up the total of every column except the last column. Apply the special formatting to the bottom rows also.

Step One

Start with copying one of the total cells of any one column. Move the cursor toward the empty cell in the last column where the total must be appearing. Click right to open the popup tab. Move the cursor below the paste option tab in the menu. The first option is for Paste; this is the option you will select to paste everything.

Step Two

Delete the copied item and copy another one of total cells again. Again right-click on the empty cell and move the second item from the Paste Special Tools section. This option is for value, and it pastes the exact amount of number or texts from the cell you copied.

Step Three

Delete the copied item and copy one of the total cells again. Right-click on an empty cell and move the third item from Paste Special Cell. This item is for Formula and pastes a formula with relative cells without including the parent cell format.

Step Four

Delete the copied item and copy another cell. Right-click on an empty cell and move the fifth item from Paste Special Cell. It is to format copies and just the format of the source cell.

Step Five

Delete the copied item and copy another cell. Right-click on an empty cell and move the sixth and final item from Paste Special Cell. It is for Paste linking copies of the parent cell and to maintain a link to it.

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