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How to Connect Your Spotify to Alexa

Spotify is a music streaming application which lets you play different songs on your device. Do you want to play music on your Spotify app through voice control feature? Then you can do so by using Alexa on your device. If you are new to the Spotify app and don’t know how to connect your Spotify account to Alexa, then follow the instructions mentioned below.


Steps to download the Spotify app on your iPhone

•    Click on the App Store on the iPhone.

•    Find the Amazon Alexa application.

•    You need to enter the Amazon Alexa in the text field.

•    Press on the Get option for installing the application on the system.

Steps to download the Spotify app on your Android

•    Click on the Google Play Store on the Android phone.

•    Click on the search option.

•    Find the Amazon Alexa application.

•    Click on the Install option.

Steps to Create the Spotify Premium Account

•    Click on the Spotify online site.

•    Go to the log-in webpage.

•    Type the email ID.

•    Click on the Sign Up with  Facebook option.

•    Type the email ID once again.

•    Otherwise, type the information you will be needed for logging in to the Facebook account.

•    Enter a password for the Facebook account.

•    Make sure that the password is correct.

•    Type the birth date.

•    Choose the gender option.

•    Type the Captcha code.

•    At last, press on the login option to finish the login process.

Steps to Connect your Spotify Account to Alexa

•    Click on the Amazon Alexa application on the iPhone.

•    Otherwise, click on it on the Android device.

•    Press on the menu symbol.

•    Click on the Settings tab.

•    Choose the Music and Media option.

•    Press on the Link account on Spotify option.

•    Type the email ID.

•    Type the registered password.

•    Click on the sign in with Facebook option.

•    Type the Facebook sign in details.

•    Once you have gone through the terms and conditions, press on the I Accept option located at the end of the display.

•    After completing the steps, you will receive a verification text through which the Spotify account has been registered.

•    Press on the X icon.

•    It is located at the upper right-hand side of the display to exit the menu.

Steps to Change Spotify  as the default music service

•    Press on the menu button.

•    It is located at the upper left-hand side of the display.

•    Press on the Settings tab.

•    After that, choose the Music option.

•    Click on the Choose default music services option.

•    After that, choose the Spotify option.

•    Press on the Done button.

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