How to Backup and Share your Game Clips from Xbox One

There are lots of moments that happen while playing games, some of them are very funny, and some are rare that may never happen again. Thanks to the feature (Xbox Gaming bar) that enables you to record and capture all these amazing movements. OneDrive app of your console will help you back them up. It can store all your captured scenes and recorded videos by backing them up to the cloud storage. It also helps you to share them from your console. Once these snaps and videos are backed up, you can access and share them from any device using the OneDrive app and website. Here is how to backup and share your game clips from Xbox One.

How to backup your Xbox game clips

You have different ways to put your games clips on the cloud storage. You can upload them to OneDrive right from your console and on Google Drive from your computer. Here is how.

Uploading to OneDrive from Xbox console:

1.    Bring up the guide menu by pressing the ‘Xbox’ button.

2.    Select ‘Broadcast & Capture’.

3.    Go to the ‘Recent captures’ section and select ‘See All.’ All your captures and records display on the screen.

4.    Use the ‘View’ button to change the view to list. Doing so arrange all of them in a list.

5.    Now, check the box of the snaps and clips you want to backup on OneDrive.

6.    After selecting all the items, choose ‘Upload to OneDrive’ option.

Selecting it will immediately start uploading all chosen items to your OneDrive storage.

Uploading to Google Drive from computer:

The game clips you want to upload on your Drive must be uploaded to Xbox Live. You can only upload the captures that are uploaded there.

1.    Start your computer and launch the ‘Xbox’ app. In Windows 10, you’ve got this app pre-installed. If you’re unable to find it in your PC, search for it with the Start Menu search.

2.    You’ll have to sign in with your Microsoft account. Go to Sign in section and enter your Microsoft account credentials, then proceed. If you’re signed in previously, then skip this step.

3.    Now, go to ‘capture’ screen by selecting the Captures icon from the left menu.

4.    Choose ‘On Xbox Live.’ Choosing it starts displaying the contents stored on Xbox Live.

5.    Use the ‘Download’ button to begin downloading the captures and records in your PC. To upload your game clips on OneDrive, you’ll need to download them to your local storage first. There is no way to upload captures directly to Google Drive. Downloads will be stored in the Videos folder in the C drive.

6.    Locate the captures and upload to your Google Drive.

Once your game clips come in your PC, you can store them in an external storage drive or wherever you want.

How to share your Xbox game clips with OneDrive

Here is how to share game clips from your Xbox One console.

1.    Make sure you’re on the Xbox One dashboard.

2.    Then, double press the ‘RB’ trigger on your Xbox controller. This will take you to the “Community” feed.

3.    Use the ‘A’ button and select the ‘Manage captures’ link from the top of the feed. This opens a new screen with all your captured screenshots and recorded clips.

4.    Look for the one you want to share and use the ‘A’ button to select it. This opens the media on the full screen with several icons and options for it. Here you’ll see a cloud icon in the center of the options.

5.    Check if the cloud icon is faded, if not, then select it and click the ‘A’ button. The files already sync to the OneDrive will show the faded cloud icon.

6.    Select ‘Upload to OneDrive’ and click the ‘A’ button.

Now, open your ‘OneDrive’ account and decide what you want to share ‘Videos’ (for game clips) or ‘Pictures’ (for screenshots).

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