DoNotPay App for a Free Sign Up Trials

If you are an iOS user, who is looking for a ways to sign upon for a free trial account using the credit card, then chances of risk are very high. While creating these free accounts on platform like Netflix or Spotify or Audible or HBO, user’s can sometime forget to cancel the card which can leads to unnecessarily monthly payment deductions. Few services are hard to cancel like MoviePass, where you will not get the option of canceling that also. For power users, a new tool are launched through which user’s can sign up for free trials of subscription services. This tool will cost you $3/month.


A good news for an iOS users that Via DoNotPay app service you can easily fighting traffic tickets, filing government paperwork, dealing with customer service to get refunds, and other financial-negotiation errands. This app offers free trial accounts using the virtual credit card where your email address, your physical address, or even your real name is not needed. It’s a big advantage compare to some other virtual cards (like prepaid debit cards) that have no linked with the physical address. At some portals, user’s subscription services won’t let you sign up, until you mention an address associated with the card.

To atart using the DoNotPay app you need to enter the login details of your bank account and add to authorize it, then remove the amount from your checking account. It is mostly, because you can receive money from the app’s other features, but it’s also so the app can charge you $3/month for its services. And need to mention the bank info before you can access any part of the app.

This is not confusing as its appearing; in reality you are just giving the account access to the paid portals (which are linked to powers bank account for Venmo, Betterment, and Coinbase). It’s a VC-funded linked company, and has a famous founder.

Especially,  the risk of online payment making is high and its hard to cancel your already linked account, but through DoNotPay app service makes its easy for you. This is a handy platform where users can easily signup online, and also have the chance to cancel these services over the phone like MoviePass once reversed users’ cancellations without properly informing them. DoNotPay wants to eliminate the risk for free trial periods accounts.

You can easily unsubscribe from the DoNotPay service switch out any hassle. For this, you need to choose the top right of the home screen option, then select “Cancel My Subscription,” followed by “Cancel Now,” next “Cancel My Account.” And you are unsubscribed for paying anything.

Try to sign up through this app and get relieved from all sorts of online monthly payment risks with all the personal information safety which is linked to your  power banks account.

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