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What is e-waste and how can we recycle it?

E-waste stands for the electronic waste in which e-waste and e-scrap have generated through the electronic device’s waste. It is considered as trash from which recycling of the electronic device’s material will be recovered which is ready to be used in new electronic products.

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DeviceCycles help you to recycle your devices and make it able to use your non-dead parts of your electronic devices. Generally, one people out of five sell their mobile, if we consider the global rate annually. The basic reason behind the returning cell phones back to the company is increasing globally, as mentioned by the UN study, in the year of 2014, out of which disposal done near about 10-40%.

The value of materials used by the electronics include metals like tin, palladium, iron, copper, aluminum, fuels, gold, titanium, silver and fossil. During the manufacturing of these electronic devices, such materials can be reused, recovered as well as recycled from the non-usable phone.

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There are some more facts related to e-waste recycling. There are 41 countries actually have official statistics of e-waste, whereas e-waste can be considered as general waste. In the year of 2016, e-waste around 44.7 Million metric tons was produced. E-waste has been upturned from 44% to 66%, from the year from 2014 to 2017, respectively. Every year, there is a lot of e-waste exported from the United States to China, Nigeria, Ghana, India, and Pakistan that creates dumping issues in these countries.

DeviceCycles support the recycling of your e-waste and the advantages of recycling the wastage you have are that millions of laptop yearly get recycled and save energy that approximately able to run 3,657 homes of United States for a year. The eco-friendly benefit is that the toxic or chemicals which might have been generated because of their material’s release can be avoided to get disposed of after getting them for recycling.

Buy Refurbished MacBook Recycling of electronic wastes are not the only beneficiary for people or countries, it is beneficiary for the environment too. DeviceCycles scattered the products by choosing their parts which can be used or recycled and then it will collect the important material which could be useful for further use.

If you want to dispose of your electronic devices, don’t forget to send it for recycling. DeviceCycles provides you such facility with some additional benefits to it. Check the website to know more about this.


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