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Best Play Schools in India for Your Kids

Play School is a planned early childhood education program that your kids should attend before they begin schooling. It is no more a luxury place. It is now considered the very foundation of a child’s primary education. Therefore, you wish to search for an educational institution that introduces your child to educational learning and at a similar time ensures that he enjoys the time spent there. It combines play with learning, and the children are taught by professionally trained staff. Kids between the ages of three and five usually attend a Preschool. Many parents want to see their child get a start at learning by choosing good Play Schools. India has made very rapid progress in the field of education, it has a very famous Play Schools for small children. India has the most famous Play Schools in Jaipur, Mumbai, and Delhi.

Preschool education plays an important role in your little one’s life. It offers a fresh and positive environment, many socialization opportunities, and academic stimulation for kids who belong in the same age group. In India, primary education plays an important role in preparing your child mentally, emotionally, physically, and socially for higher education. They followed easy-to-understand and interesting curriculum, the teachers strive to ensure the learning process is enjoyable and beneficial for your kids.

How to choose the Best Play School for Your Kids

There are basic elements that you should look at when admitting your child to a Preschool program. Teaching materials should be available at the school itself. The teachers should be able to customize their teaching aids to suit the knowledge levels and interests of the students. The teachers should pay personal attention to the needs of the kids. Medical facilities should be provided for unexpected situations. Pick-up and drop-off facilities are a good plus point for your child.

Best Play Schools in India for your kids

Play School programs are serving the kids to explore and celebrate their learning skills. Play School staff support youngsters to develop necessary skills in a very safe, healthy and nurturing atmosphere to seamlessly learn and grow. the tutorial programs, facilities, and private attention paid to the youngsters, all play a vital role in deciding the simplest from the remainder. each preschool works towards providing the simplest education facilities to the kids. If you are overwhelmed by the number of choices available to you, you may go through the following list of the 5 best Play Schools in India and select the one, which suits your kid needs.

  1. VSI International School
  2. Kidzee
  3. Euro Kids
  4. Kangaroo Kids
  5. Hello Kids

VSI International School:-

VSI International School is Awarded as the Most Emerging School of the Year 2017 by the Honorable education minister. VSI International is not only the best play school in Jaipur, India with all-important, facilities. Kindergarten schools or Play Schools are for providing a smooth transition from home to school. They have a fully air-conditioned classroom, having students from playgroup to Sr. Sec. level. they have top class well-trained faculty who always provides a good environment for kids. Kids get huge exposure to extracurricular activities like dancing, music, singing, sports, etc. under the guidance of our field specialists. Students are clubbed into small groups and one teacher per group is assigned so that the teacher can give more time and attention to your child's individual needs.

Facilities:- Featured with fully Air-Conditioned classrooms, big playground, activity rooms, computer lab, transportation facility, library, smart classes, dance class, Joyous and positive environment, child-friendly equipment, enticing toys, etc.

Phone: 0141-2793080




Kidzee is one of the most popular best play school in India. Kidzee Play School provides a theme-based and customized curriculum known as ’iLLUME’. It is specially designed to nurture the unique abilities of your child. It also gives age-appropriate programs for kids in senior kindergarten and playgroup. The well-trained teachers undertake preschool activities with learning experiences and sensorial learning equipment.

Facilities: Kidzee has many facilities such as spacious environmental playrooms, spacious playground, library, toy room, swimming pool for the kids.

Phone: +91-22-40343900



Euro Kids:-

Euro Kids is a well-known preschool in India, It is founded in 2001. The curriculum is based on Montessori and learns with fun methodologies and the student to teacher ratio is 10:1. The Play School offers four program groups which are the playgroup, nursery, Eurojunior, and Eurosenior. The euro kids believe in having active parental involvement in school activities. It possesses a happy environment, enticing toys, and kid-friendly equipment.

Facilities: Child's security, trained faculties, a good environment, focuses on children's cleanliness, and CCTV cameras in all their classrooms and garden, kid-friendly equipment, extracurricular activities, etc.

Phone: + 91-22-61565656



Kangaroo Kids:-

Kangaroo Kids school is also one of the best play school in India. The school was established in 1993 in Mumbai. it has over 80 schools across different cities in India. Each campus is huge to provide a wide avenue to play and learn. The curriculum focuses on social and emotional, physical, perceptional, and language development of children. The school serves children with special needs as well. The Play School functions on high parental involvement. It also provides children with special needs, making it an ideal and easy option for many parents.

Facilities: Pick up and drop, learning toys for fun learning, child safety, extracurricular activities, playground, Indoor & outdoor games, etc.

Phone: +91-22-42013000



Hello Kids:-

This is the first Indian preschool to provide to the middle-income group. Hello, Kid is a place where kids grow & develop their skills while reading, listening and playing. The preschool possesses qualified and trained teachers with a healthy student to teacher ratio of 10:1. This preschool allows the admission of kids aged one and a half years and older. The four distinct program groups offered are a nursery, playgroup, upper kindergarten, and lower kindergarten. They take care of every child by developing communication, mathematical concepts, health and safety, self-determination, arts and aesthetics, social environment and play methods.

Facilities: child security, exercise, yoga, stage activities, regular check-ups with certified medical practitioners, transportation facilities, security guards, etc.

Phone: +91- 80-42166508 / 42166509




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