5 Best Text Messaging Apps For iOS & Android

Smartphones enable us to partake in  instant communication. Smartphone generation started to connect people worldwide and texting apps made it even easier. It has become easy to communicate with friends, family, peers, and even your co-workers. So, here are some of the best text messaging apps for your smartphone.

  1. LINE

LINE is one of the best messaging apps that connects people around the globe. The app avails voice and video calls and conversation over messages with thousands of icons and emojis. The app allows you to do group video calls, which is suitable for online conferences and meetings. It works with mobile cellular data or Wi-Fi without any charges. It auto-sync your smartphone contacts and connects you with friends and family in no time.

  1. Hangouts

Hangouts, designed by Google is the most appealing chat app ever. The app provides you rich messaging features includes voice calls, video calls, and messages. With Hangouts app, you can chat with up to 150 active users on video call altogether. The app syncs your contacts from your phonebook, and you can connect with them in the app. The app works worldwide, which means you can easily contact a person from anywhere in the world.

  1. WhatsApp

The app needs no introduction to anyone. WhatsApp is the biggest messenger apps available out there with billions of users around the globe. The app features high-quality video and voice call from anywhere, anytime. The app works on mobile data or Wi-Fi and charges nothing for its exclusive range of messaging services. The app is very easy to use with the user’s picture, and name tagged in it. You can share stories, pictures, videos, music, and more in just a few taps in the app. Whatsapp has started to come as a built-in messaging app in new smartphones worldwide, and it connects billions of people together in one place.

  1. Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is another popular text messaging app. The app works with your Facebook account, and besides this, it enables you to do high-quality video and voice calls with your Facebook friends. The app is amongst the best messenger apps in the world. The app includes a money transfer option by which you can make money transactions as well.

  1. Instagram

Instagram is more than just a text messaging app. It is the biggest platform to share stories and videos today. In the app, users can post and share stories of their whereabouts, pictures, and videos as well. It has a messaging feature too, which connects users globally. Instagram is amongst the most popular apps around the world.

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