5 Best Party Planner iOS Apps In 2019

Partying needs a lot of planning. From deciding the number of guests to invite to the most suitable theme is quite confusing. In these cases, your smartphone is your best buddy. So, here are some of the best apps to help you plan cool and fun parties.

  1. Evite

Evite is amongst the top apps for making an attractive invitation for every occasion. In the app, users can easily type venue, time, and other essential details at fingertips. Customization is quite easy and amazing in which you can choose favorite color, shade, font, and style. Making a stunning invitation is not a confusing task anymore with Evite app.

  1. Wunderlist

The app allows users to note down every tiny and big detail in just a few taps. By using Wunderlist app, you can easily craft a list of all the things you are going to need at your party. The app features a reminder which alerts you every now and then to make sure you do not miss anything before the occasion. Wunderlist allows users to attach photographs and PDF files, which is another asset in the planning of your party.

  1. Guest List Organizer Pro

Guest List Organizer is a perfect app to have in making the guest list for your party. Just import contacts from your phone and you are good to go. The app automatically synchronizes your smartphone’s contacts after you grant permission and eases your task of making a guest list. The app integrates every information via iCloud, and it becomes easy to mark guests who attend your party.

  1. BigNight

Planning on throwing a dinner party? The BigNight app is there to assist you with thousands of recipes and other important items list. In the app, you get every step by step information for preparing delicious dishes. The app sorts your problem in no time by listing all the essential ingredients. BigNight is the most suitable app or home parties and helps you cook a couple of dishes in no time. The app allows you to create a shopping list and even publishes your dishes and recipes.

  1. Zenu

Zenu is an ideal app to find you the most suitable places for your party. The app analyses your preferences and provides you some seriously amazing places for your event or party. You can easily tour and book spaces with a few taps in no time.

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