Update Your Garmin Nuvi

Why should you update your Garmin Nuvi?

Using Garmin Nuvi allows you to drive with self-confidence. Moreover, Garmin Nuvi offers a premium GPS technology and is very comfortable for drivers. Nevertheless, using a Garmin Nuvi with an old map not updated is worthless. With highways permanently in progression, it is important to update your Garmin Nuvi map regularly to offer a regular route. Use a GPS similar to reality to avoid mistakes of itinerary and all the dangers linked to the road (stop, traffic light…). It’s a fact: roads, prohibited direction, stores, and others are created every day. That’s why you should renew your Garmin Nuvi Maps.

How to update Garmin Nuvi GPS?

To update easily your Garmin Nuvi, you can use Garmin Express, a software dedicated only to Garmin GPS updating. Using Garmin Express is simple. You can download Garmin express on Windows and MAC through Garmin’s website.

Garmin Express software allows you to easily update your GPS but also to save and manage all GPS data. To summarize, you can download every map you need and put it in your GPS memory through USB connexion. As a bonus, Garmin express sends you notifications to inform you of the most important updating to do.

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