Top 7 OnePlus 7 Pro Cases in 2019

The OnePlus 7 Pro features an exciting and impressive design but is very slippery. It is tough to use this phone without using a dedicated case. As this device is launched recently, there are ample cases available in the market for buying. If you own a OnePlus 7 Pro but can’t decide the best phone case for you, check out the recommended phone cases from below.

  1. Ringke Fusion-X

If you need a clear and sturdy case, the Ringke Fusion-X is the perfect case for you. It features a dot matrix pattern on the clear part for preventing the undesired rainbow effect and keeping it secure always. You can buy this outstanding OnePlus case directly from the official website of Ringke.

  1. Foluu Leather Wallet Case

The Foluu Leather Wallet Case comes as an ideal combination of a phone case and a wallet. It costs even less than the phone case mentioned above and provides plenty of functionality as well. This wallet case can protect your OnePlus phone from both front and back. In addition, you can keep cash and around three cards easily in the dedicated space. For buying this leather wallet case, you need to search for it on Amazon and buy from there.

  1. Dbrand Grip

It will be easy for you to hold the phone all the time with the use of the Dbrand Grip phone case for sure. This case boasts a super grippy material, slim design, and tactile button covers. Buy this sturdy and stylish phone case from the official Dbrand site.

  1. OnePlus Nylon Bumper Case

If you desire a first-party phone case, OnePlus Nylon Bumper Case is made especially for you. OnePlus has offered notable first-party phone cases, and this phone case is perfect for use as well. It fits perfectly on the OnePlus 7 Pro and keeps the phone protected all the time. Its nylon texture feels and looks, as well. Get this original phone case from the official website of OnePlus.

  1. Spigen Rugged Armor

Spigen Rugged Armor is a budget phone case, which is being offered at a relatively low price. It is capable of covering OnePlus 7 Pro correctly and not that bulky. If we compare it with others, it is a bit slippery on the backside. However, still, you can use this inexpensive phone case instead of keeping your phone without a phone case.

  1. AINOYA Crystal Clear

The design of the OnePlus 7 Pro is worth displaying, but protection is necessary as well. What if you can both display the original design and protect your phone at the same time? Yes, it is possible with the AINOYA Crystal Clear phone case. If you have the OnePlus 7 Pro in Almond or Nebula Blue, this clear case will save your phone from cracks and scratches while displaying the original design perfectly. Its precise cutouts for ports and buttons add more value to it. Other than this, it is one of the cheapest phone cases for OnePlus 7 Pro and provides shock-absorption too.

  1. Osophter Dual Layer Case

If sturdiness is the primary concern for you, pick the Osophter Dual Layer Case for your OnePlus 7 Pro. It features a dual-layer design and a hard polycarbonate exterior. For keeping your smartphone cool all the time, this phone case consists of a built-in heat sink. In addition, dust cannot even touch your phone if you use it. Get complete 360-degree protection with this dual layer case from Osophter.

So, choose the best case among these cases and protect your phone perfectly!

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