Top 5 Travel Apps For Android and iOS Users

If one is planning a trip abroad, it all starts to seem a bit of messy and confusing. A lot goes for travel agents, but there is no need for an agent to sort these issues if you are an Android or iOS user. The solution is on your fingertips if you have a smartphone. On Google Play and App Store, I have shortlisted some top apps which are going to be your best buddies on your trip. These apps will not only make your trip smooth but will keep the stress at a far distance from you.

  1. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is one of the best user-friendly apps for travelers. Whether it’s flight booking, or hotels, or car renting, Skyscanner finds the most affordable options for its users. The app has its network everywhere in the world, and it connects its user with hotels, flight bookings, and car rentals in almost every part of the world. Over 80 million travelers around the world consider this app as their most helpful companion.

  1. My TSA

Travelers around the world face problems at airport travel due to lack of knowledge of the airport’s rules and regulations. My TSA is a government approved application uncovers those rules and brings them in the experience of travelers. The app lists all the items that can go through the security check and in the plane. Users also get information about bad weather and flight delays and can check crowdsourced security wait lines and measure their own estimate.

  1. Hopper

If one wants to go for the cheapest flight options available, there is no other app like Hopper, the number of users worldwide. Hopper not only gives most affordable options available but also tracks bookings, ups and downs in flight ticket prices and notifies users about low flight ticket prices through mail alerts.

  1. Hipmunk

Hipmunk is like no other app, and it offers all in one service in one go. Hipmunk is mostly used the app by international travelers and backpackers. One can search flights through the continent, country, city, or even region. Hipmunk collectively shows flight prices from a city region or nearby located cities. One can find a suitable deal by using this app. It also offers the best hotels deals with a huge discount for travelers extended stay.

  1. Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the best navigation systems around the world. It offers directions for travel by car, bikes, public transport and even on foot. It also tells traffic on the route and estimated time of journey. This map system shows nearby restaurants, famous landmarks, and more. It is being used locally and globally as well. Its billion of users shows the app’s essence. You can even find hotels nearby with complete details such as whether it is air-conditioned, Wi-Fi, etc.

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