Top 5 Podcast Managers Available for Your Windows PC

Podcasts are immensely popular these days. And they should be, because of various reasons. Firstly, they provide new ideas to people and help them grow personally and professionally. A lot of people like to listen to podcasts on smartphones while some use a computer for listening to podcasts. If you also use a PC and want to listen to all the podcasts on it, then you must use an ideal desktop client.


Here are the best Windows podcast managers for you:

1. iTunes

iTunes is one of the best and most famous podcast managers for Windows. You can easily find different podcasts from every category, such as technology, sports, philosophy, and more, on the iTunes Store. Its podcast management features and extensive catalog makes it stand out from others.

If you want to check the podcast catalog on iTunes Store, select Podcasts from the Media Picker and then click on the Store option from the navigation bar. Go to the podcast page, then hit the Subscribe button available right under it. iTunes will timely check for updates and alert you whenever new episodes are up. Once you start to listen to the podcasts, you will start getting better recommendations accordingly as well.

2. Grover Podcast

Another great podcast player for Windows 10 is Grover Podcast. It is a fully-featured podcast player with a split-view menu. You can quickly access any option, such as Downloaded, Playlist, My Podcasts,  and Unplayed in it. For subscribing, you need to hit the +Feed and then paste the dedicated URL of the podcast feed. As a search engine, it uses the iTunes API. To enable the feature, visit Settings and then toggle on the Online Search option.

3. CPod

When it comes to an open source podcast manager, CPod is undoubtedly the best option for Windows users. It comes with two large panels for displaying content and controls. Its compact bar on the left section allows you to use various options. Hit the Explore button and enter the name of the podcast in the search section. It also uses the iTunes API for searching its library. Then, you need to click the +Subscribe option for subscribing.

4. MusicBee

If you need an ideal combination of a podcast player and a music manager for Windows 10, then MusicBee is made specially for you. Its interface is, however, a bit bulky and not that great. But you get the option to configure it. For better look and feel, you can use the ideal skin from various available options.

5. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is an all-in-one media player and ideal for watching videos and listening to music. It offers an integrated podcast-subscribing feature, which makes it stand out from others and suitable for use. Download this podcast manager from its official website for free.

All in all, these are the best podcast managers that are perfect for Windows 10 users for using. gPoddar is also an ideal option to consider!

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