Top 5 Must Install Chrome Extensions of 2019

Chrome Web Store contains thousands of different extensions, but how would you know what the best Chrome extensions of 2019 are. Today we are going to discuss just that. Let’s check out the best extensions for Google Chrome.

  1. Web of Trust- Best Chrome Extension to Browse Safely

Web of Trust is a crowd-sourced tool which tells you about the quality and reliability of a website. It enables you to browse the sites which are good in rating and trustworthiness, privacy, child safe, and have vendor reliability. By knowing these things about a website, you can browse the internet safely.

  1. Magic Actions for YouTube

Do love watching YouTube but want to get rid of ads and other pop ups? If yes, then this extension is made just for you. It not only blocks ads but also gives you more controls on your YouTube video player such as a cinema mode, auto HD, mouse wheel volume control, and much more.

  1. RSS Subscription Extension

Do you also love reading infotainment blogs and websites? If you want to subscribe to a new site within a single click, then this Chrome extension is suitable for you. It allows you to subscribe to a blog and website which supports the RSS feed option. After installing this extension, you won’t have to subscribe to an RSS feed traditionally. It automatically show you a button to accept.

  1. Weather

If you want an outlook of current weather of your location, then this extension will help you in this aspect. It shows both current and upcoming weather details. The locations of weather can be customized, and the preferred units of temperature can also be changed.

  1. Turn off the Lights

This tool is good for people who love to watch online videos on YouTube and other movie sites. This tool can turn the background of the webpage to black when a video plays so that you can give more attention to the video. In a single click, it can turn off the lights in the background. It helps a lot when a video is placed in a white background.

  1. Send from Gmail

It helps a user to quickly send emails from their Gmail account without opening the After installing it successfully, whenever you will click on it, it will show you a small popup to send a quick mail to someone. By using this extension, you can send emails without disturbing your workflow.

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