Top 5 Best Apps for Smartphones to Monitor Data Usage in 2019

Are you worried about your high internet charges? Do you have a limited internet plan? Can excess use of internet make your monthly bill expensive for you? If yes, then you will have to use internet data monitoring and tracking service. Today, many phones provide data usage tracking feature, but it lacks some features that a third party app can offer you.

Some of these mobile data monitoring apps are free, but others require a little fee. So today, we have the five best apps to monitor and track mobile data usage.

1. Data Usage

This is the best app to track and monitor your smartphone internet data usage. It includes every single feature that a mobile data monitoring application must have. The features of this app are:

  • Tracking over a period which matches a person’s billing cycles,

  • Respective monitoring for real-time tracking of mobile and WiFi data

  • Past usage reports

  • Notifying when the data limit is breached

  • Sets your daily data limit

This app is compatible with iOS 9.0 or later and Android devices.

2.  DataMan Pro

This app is only made for iOS devices, and it can be considered as one the best apps for tracking cellular data usage. It tells you about the mobile data usage as well as your WiFi usage. This map will show you what things are draining your data such as your browser, YouTube, or any other downloaded app. It maintains a daily and hourly based report of your user data.

3.  My Data Manager

You can control your data usage with this app on your smartphone. It will alert you daily that you are crossing your data usage limits. It can monitor cellular, roaming, and WiFi internet usage. This app supports custom usage alerts to prevent over usage. It is available for Android and iPhone.

4. myAT&T

It helps you to keep an eye on your official data usage, which makes you conserve your mobile data. It can monitor your internet usage, manage your wireless account, view billing details, pay bills, upgrade your internet plans, etc.

5. My Verizon

It is a paid app which is used to know the data usage, your plan limits, and other fundamental data monitoring features. This app is useful for recent and unlimited plans. It has a clean and crisp interface and a capability to pay bills.

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