Top 5 Best Apps For Android to Take Screenshots

Whenever you need to capture your phone’s screen, the screenshot is the quickest and the best way to save what’s on your screen. In most devices, it is easy to take a screenshot, but in some devices, it gets a bit difficult due to the poor placement of keys and complicated key combination. Some people find it challenging to take a screenshot in their smartphone. So today, we will tell you about some popular apps that used to capture a screenshot. So, what’s the wait? Let get started.

1. Screen Grabber

It is one of the best and straightforward apps to take screenshots in Android devices. It doesn’t provide you any editing and other cool features but does its job perfectly. Its simplicity is the only reason behind its better ranking on app stores.

After installing this app, you will find a small floating button on your phone’s screen and by tapping on it, you can take a quick screenshot.

2. Screenshot Crop and Share

It will automatically crop notification bar and other unwanted portion of your phone’s screen when you capture a screenshot. It also has another feature of capturing a full-length webpage which can capture scrollable content. This feature can be availed by paying 1.50 dollars.

3. Screenshot Capture Recorder

Are you searching for a screenshot capture app in which can also edit your captured images? If yes, then try this app for editing screenshots just after you capture a screenshot. You can draw over an image, add text, crop, and more with its editor. There is also a feature which lets you choose other ways to capture a screenshot such as by shaking your smartphone. It has a pretty simple interface, and you can view the image details in its file viewer.

4. Super Screen Recorder

Do you want to record what is going on your screen? A super screen recorder is a great option. Give it a try, and you will be able to record videos of your Android screen. This is the best option when you are going to take multiple screenshots in a short time. By recording your phone’s screen, you can capture screenshots later. It also has a sort of editing option but it is not that good video editing features.

5. Screen Master

Screen Master is a perfect tool to capture and save the content of the webpages. It is capable of capturing the hidden areas of your webpage which you need to scroll down to save by a usual method. It also provides image editing tool that you will require to crop photos, draw shapes, and share your images.

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