Top 5 Best Android Audiobook Apps of 2019

Do you love listening to audiobooks? Do you want to listen to audiobooks while driving or doing some other activity? The most significant advantage of audiobooks is that you can listen to them anywhere and anytime. Those days have passed when you needed a CD and CD player to listen to audiobooks. Now listening to audiobooks has become super easy since you can download audiobooks in your Android phone.

On Google Play Store, there are dozens of different audiobook apps. But what are the best audiobooks for Android phone? Today we are going to filter out some of the best audiobook apps that are available on Google Play Store.

  1. Google Play Books

The Google Play Books app is popular for its eBooks, but do you know that it also contains some of the best audiobooks? Your favorite audiobooks will be synced with your other Android devices. It will be easier for you to continue your story from where you left it. When you stream an audiobook in this app, it will also be downloaded side by side. The downloaded books can be played even if you are running out of your mobile data. This app is free, but the content is paid.

  1. Libby

Have you ever borrowed an eBook from your public library? If yes, then you will fall in love with Libby. This app is created by Overdrive, and it is designed to manage the eBook and audiobooks you borrow from your local library. It supports multiple library cards, and all eBooks and other data will be well organized. Libby is a user-friendly digital library which can play and organizing your borrowed audio books.

  1. Audible

As the name suggests, Audible is the largest collection of audiobooks in the world. This app allows one to choose audiobooks according to their preference. There are two ways to get access to these books. One is that you can pay for a book to read it, which is a better choice for those who are interested in audiobooks but have less time. But if you are an audiobooks enthusiast, then the next plan is just made for wherein you will have to subscribe on monthly based subscriptions. The subscription will be a better choice if a person is willing to read and access multiple books.

  1. LibriVox

This app is developed by a group of volunteers. It has a collection of free books that now come under public domain in the US. So, the free audiobooks will be ancient time. But it also offers in app purchases to get the latest paid books. The app comes with integrated Bluetooth controls, which makes it easier to connect to a wireless audio device.

  1. Kindle for Android

This isn’t a strange app to reading enthusiasts or book lovers. This app also supports playing audiobooks. In the app, you will be able to buy an eBook and can also download its audio version. Thus, you get one book in two formats: eBook and audiobook.

Honorable Mention: Open your YouTube app and search the best audiobooks and hit enter. You will see dozens of free audiobooks listed now play to listen to whichever you like.

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