Top 5 Android Battery Apps Available in 2019

For the best smartphone experience, long battery life is essential. It is very frustrating to charge the phone from time to time. Even if your phone comes packed with the best features, it is of no use if the battery life is less. Because of this, most of the smartphone manufacturers give primary importance to battery life nowadays. However, there are a lot of battery apps for Android devices available in the app stores to enhance the battery life as well. If you can’t afford a new phone for now and the battery of your phone is troubling you, these apps are a must-have.

1. Battery Doctor

If you wish to increase the battery life of your Android device, the Battery Doctor is an essential app for you. It is a free app, which packs a lot of great features. You can quickly check the charge status of your phone’s battery as well as the apps and processes that consume the most battery. Various modes are being offered with this app, such as classic mode, advanced mode, sleep mode, and my mode. Go to the Google Play Store app on your Android to download this outstanding battery app.

2. Battery Saver 2019

Another excellent app that provides ideal battery-saving features and settings is Battery Saver 2019. From battery life to expected running time and more, it includes information about your phone’s battery ideally. When it comes to different modes, it has a power saving mode, sleep mode, and a custom mode. The custom mode lets users configure things accordingly while the sleep mode can deactivate radios. Its power-saving mode can be scheduled, for sleep or work or anything else, as well.

3. dfndr battery

Get to know about your battery’s health quickly with the use of dfndr battery app for Android. It is an ideal app for monitoring and saving battery. It even showcases the temperature of your phone’s battery, along with other useful information such as battery capacity, charge status, and more. If the battery temperature, you can tap the dedicated “COOL DOWN” button for betterment. Other than this, it features background task killer, a screen-saving option that can reduce brightness for saving power, and more.

4. Kaspersky Battery Life

Kaspersky is known for its useful mobile utilities. Its Battery Life is another handy tool for using on Android devices. It can both monitor the battery ideally as well as extend the life of your phone’s battery by killing apps from time to time. This app showcases the current battery status along with estimated battery life and more. You can either get the APK of this battery app or download it from the Google Play Store.

5. Power Battery

Power Battery comes as an all-in-one app that can fast-charge, monitor, and save battery easily. Managing the battery of your Android phone will be comfortable with the use of this app. You can quickly check the detailed information of your phone’s battery, including the consumption reports, history, log, and status. According to the available information, you can improve battery life accordingly.

So, these are the best few battery apps for Android devices. AccuBattery, Avast Battery Saver, GSam Battery Monitor, etc. are a few notable names that you can try if you are not satisfied with these apps. Most of these apps are available on Google Play Store for you!

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