Spotify Lite is Now Available for Android Devices

Spotify is, currently, one of the most leading music streaming services for different platforms. It is being loved by people all around the world and comes as a favorite music app for many. The Swedish media-services provider has recently released a new version of its app, known as Spotify Lite. They want everyone to enjoy music to the fullest with this small and simplified version of Spotify. Even those who don’t own the latest Android device or have a low data plan can use this app easily now.

It will work like the main app, and you can search your favorite artists and songs, and listen to them in the same way. Sharing your favorite music on Spotify with others will be easy as well. According to Spotify, a lot of users were sharing feedback for Spotify Lite app. And because of that, it is available now for Android users. When it comes to compatible phones, it can be used on any Android device that runs on version 4.3 or higher.

The size of the Spotify Lite app is only 10 MB, which makes it ideal for low-end Android devices. You can quickly install this app and don’t have to worry about storage issues too. Also, users can set the data limit on the Lite version. Once the set limit is reached, you will get the notification accordingly. Hence, you don’t have to worry about your phone’s data at all. You only need to focus on listening to your favorite songs from your favorite artists.

Spotify Lite is currently available for download in 36 markets, covering Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. Android users can easily download it from the Google Play Store. In the coming time, the company is going to cover more markets. Among other lite versions, such as Facebook, Messenger, Uber, and more, this app is destined to be a notable name as well. If you are concerned about Spotify Lite for iOS, the company has no plans to bring it out for now.

The main motto of Spotify is to extend its reach with the Lite version. It has around 27 million users for now, and among them, about 100 million users are paying consumers. The Spotify Lite app has already been downloaded 1 million times, and the number is going to increase more in the coming times. Lite apps are beneficial for users who face storage-related issues or have a slow internet connection. Facebook lite and Messenger Lite are a few popular apps that are used mostly by Android users. Music enthusiasts who can’t afford a new smartphone will love the Spotify Lite app for sure!

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