Samsung Galaxy Fold To Hit the Shelves in September

Samsung has finally solved its screen problem for its foldable smartphones, and now you can buy them from September this year. Previously the foldable phone was set to release on April 26, 2019. Samsung has now announced the official release of “Galaxy Fold” mobile which can be folded when not in use. Display foldable technology is very complex and has experienced many fails. It has a wide and larger display due to having two screens compiled together. Samsung hasn’t shared a specific release date but has promised to launch it in September. The final date will be shared in the early days of August.

The device is quite pricey at 200USD. However, the phone is truly unique because of its foldable display.

In the new Galaxy Fold, many things are attached to make it more durable and work smoothly.


Source:- Samsung Galaxy Fold To Hit the Shelves in September

Some of the major fixes are the following:

  • An extra protective layer is set over the bezel of the device showcase that it is an integral part of the structure.
  • Reinforcements are present to prevent debris from entering the device.
  • Strong protective lids are installed at the top and bottom of the hinge region of the device, which will keep the folding smooth and prevent dust from getting to the hinge area.
  • A metal plating beneath the display (The Infinity Flex Screen) is used to strengthen the plastic display of the Galaxy Fold.
  • The air gap between body and hinge is reduced to make it more impressive.

Samsung appreciated its Galaxy fans around the world for their support and patience. Samsung has not only improved its hardware but also worked on its apps and other software related bugs. 

A new date for selling the device is a sign of Samsung’s faith in the future of foldable smartphones. Samsung Galaxy Fold comes with 5G network technology, and the foldable style will level up the experience of smartphones.

It will enable users to use a phone which has a tablet-sized display but once it folds can easily match the size of a large smartphone.

More About Galaxy Fold  

We know that Galaxy Fold’s display is not made from glass or regular plastic. It has a foldable screen which is made up of an extremely soft material. Galaxy Fold initial models failed to work as expected. The early handsets were only provided to the social influencers and bloggers to promote the device. In most cases, the device either died or stopped working due to being too sensitive.

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