If you own a Wi-Fi router in your home, then it may, at times, malfunction and even lose internet connection. We know that no Wi-Fi is a hundred percent reliable. Whether you are at your home or a coffee shop, it is very common to have trouble connecting to Wi-Fi. Today we will tell you how to fix these usual errors and issues. So without wasting any more time, let’s get started.



Unable to Connect to Wi-Fi Router Issue

It is the most common issue that sometimes your smartphone cannot connect to your home Wi-Fi network. It also happens in public Wi-Fi networks such as in a coffee shop, hotel, or airport. If you suspect this problem, there are several ways to fix it.


  1. First, turn off Wi-Fi on your smartphone or tablet, and then turn it on again.
  2. If the above step doesn’t work, then do one more thing, forget/delete the network that you are trying to connect, and then again connect to it.
  3. Another thing you should try is to plug out the power cable of your Wi-Fi router and wait for about a minute. Then, plug it again and turn on the router. Now connect your phone back to the same router.
  4. The next thing you can try is rebooting your mobile phone. Switch off your phone and wait for 30 seconds, then again turn it on. Now try reconnecting to the same network again.

No Internet Access After Connecting To A Wi-Fi Router Issue:

You have successfully connected to the internet router but can’t access the internet and nothing is working. It is one of the most common problems while using the internet from a Wi-Fi network.


  1. First, power off and unplug your internet router or modem and wait for at least 30 seconds or more. Now plug it into the power again and wait until the router completely restarts. Check if the internet starts working.  If this is not working, then follow the next step.
  2. Try to connect your laptop or desktop directly to your modem, without using the router with an Ethernet cable. If the internet is working on the laptop while connecting directly to the modem, then the router is not working perfectly. Try to reset the router and then check if it is working normally.
  3. Your router may become faulty and require some tweaking or servicing. So if the reset doesn’t work then take it to the service center.
  4. If nothing works, then it means your ISP might be experiencing an outage.

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