Pokemon Go Update Brings Less Tappy Battles and Revamped Appraisal System

Towards the end of 2018, Pokemon Go trainer battles were finally live, enabling gamers to participate in player-versus-player battles. Even though it was a much anticipated and well-received feature, it was a little boring as it needed the player to keep tapping constantly.

Players have to continuously tap on the screen for making their Pokemon attack, and every tap would raise its Charge move. When the time came for unleashing the charge, players had to tap a dedicated button for firing off the move, and after that, they had to tap quickly for making the move more potent. The tapping was so repetitive and tiresome that it reduced the fun.

Thankfully, this is about to end. Niantic has announced that some things will get changed. While the basic mechanisms of the player-versus-player battle system will not be changed, charge attacks will need lesser tapping, and more finger swiping. After firing off the charge move, the player will have to swipe across the icons dropping all over the screen. The more icons are collected; the more potent will the attack be. These tweaks to the battle system will make the game more fun and entertaining.

Pokemon Go trainer battles were released last year, and it allows the players to combat their friends and other random people. While earlier, the Charged Attack mechanism used to revolve around tapping, the new update shall have players swipe the screen for collecting icons to power up the attack.

Apart from this, the developer has also released a more convenient appraisal system. This appraisal system usually informs the game players regarding Pokemon’s IVs or Individual Values statistics. Players use this to determine the Pokemon’s relative strength and to assess whether they are suitable for battle or not.

Earlier, the game players could only access the IV stats via the game’s appraisal system through cues based on text, rather than specific statistics. However, the overhauled appraisal system shall show a graph containing three bars: Attack, Defense, and HP. Players will be able to check the graph and assess if the Pokemon is above or below average.

Even though the Individual Value stats do not make much of a difference in the attack strength of the individual, they can be beneficial in case the game player is attempting to complete a raid by themselves or as a part of a tiny group.

Soon you will be able to download the new update from your Android and Apple App Stores.

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