Learn How to Turn On Periodic Scanning on Windows Defender Antivirus

Recently, Microsoft keeps on to adds its new feature Windows Defender Antivirus software which is completely free for all Windows users. This software helps users in scanning, detecting, and removing malware or other types of viruses from the computer system. Although some Windows 10 users want to install any of the third-party security software, including AVG, Norton, McAfee, etc. However, there are various other options for antivirus and readily available over the internet and in the market. Nevertheless, no any third-party antivirus company will offer assurance for completely protecting your device from malware or viruses, and to fix this problem that  commencing from the Windows Defender Antivirus ships, it is a feature which is called as “Periodic Scanning.’

Furthermore, this periodic scanning feature will accessible only on those devices which are using any of the third-party antivirus software, and once it is turned on, the Windows Defender Antivirus will stay turned off, but sometimes it will remove and scan every malware and online threats that some other antivirus software you installed which users might not have been capable of diagnosing from the system. Therefore, in this article, users will get a complete stepwise guide to turning on “Limited Periodic Scanning” on Windows 10 devices during the time anyone have any third-party antivirus installed into their Windows 10 devices, they only need to include some additional layer of the security. For this continue with the below mentioned process and easily turn on the Periodic Scanning feature on Windows Defender Antivirus. The steps are discussed below.

Steps to Turn on Periodic Scanning Feature on Windows Defender Antivirus

To troubleshoot this issue, we suggest you follow the steps in the exact series mentioned on the screen. Though, this below-mentioned process saves lots of time and efforts of the users and also help in preventing unwanted bugs and glitches. Here how to do it:

  1. Click on the “Windows Security” option to launch it on the screen.

  2. After that, tap on the “Virus & Threat Protection” option.

  3. Next, choose the following settings from the Virus & threat protection section: “Windows Defender Antivirus Options setting.”

  4. Then, click on the “Enable” tab for turning on the toggle switch of “Periodic Scanning.”

Once you should turn on the “Limited Periodic Scanning” feature on the computer system, then the Windows 10 automatically start using the function which is named as Automatic Maintenance, just to ensure that this feature running the scans on finest times to diminish the effect  on the battery life and the performance of Windows 10 devices and computer systems.

When the antivirus software will automatically diagnose and remove the malware. After sometimes, users will get a notification pop-up regarding the new threat or malware in the “Action Center” option, by which users may take some extra advantages by clicking on that antivirus software link. However, the Windows Defender Antivirus Periodic Scanning feature is available to give users an additional layer of security to make Windows 10 much more secure, and users experience amazing even during the time when users are using some other antivirus solution which is already installed on the user’s device.

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