Learn How to Resolve Win + X Shortcut Menu Stops Working on Windows 10?

Recently, Microsoft enhanced the Windows operating system comparing with the Windows XP, Vista 7 or 8 will not be exact as every latest version is always better than the older one. These days, Windows 10 provides many new and amazing features to its users such as Gaming platform, updated settings applet, modification options which includes Power User Menu. Usually, users are using Windows + X shortcut for opening access to the Apps, features, Event Viewer, Settings, File Explorer, Command Prompt, and many other services. unluckily, users who have updated from Windows 7 to Windows 8, or Windows 10 regularly confronts an issue with the message which says; ‘Win + X menu shortcut stops working.’ Although there are various causes behind the occurrence of Win + X menu is not working. In order to fix this Win + X shortcut menu stops working error, we guide you through several fixes to search out the one which is related to your issues. The solutions are mentioned below.

Steps to Resolve Win + X Shortcut Menu Stops Working on Windows 10

Underneath we will guide you through the solutions which are effective and helps you in troubleshooting Win + X Menu Not Working on Windows 10. Although the solutions are quite simple, to make it easier to follow the steps in the same sequence as mentioned in the screen. Doing this will save lots of time and efforts, also avoid unwanted bugs and glitches, which might create hurdle in the Workability or irritate the users. Here how to do it:

Solution-1: Installation a New Language Pack

  1. Click on the ‘Windows + I’ keys altogether to launch the ‘Settings’ menu on the screen.

  2. Then, tap the ‘Time & Language’ option.

  3. After that, hit the ‘ Language’ tab located on the left side of the menu screen.

  4. Alternatively, press the ‘Add a Language’ option.

  5. Choose any language of your choice appears on the ‘Next’ screen of your device.

  6. Next, expand the ‘Language Options’ by tapping into it.

  7. By pressing the ‘UP Arrow’ to push this new language to upper to make it default.

  8. Once done, check Windows + X keys menu shortcut is start working or not, then move ahead and delete this language pack.

Solution-2: Adding a New Item to the Win + X Menu

  1. Tap the ‘Windows + R key altogether to launch the ‘Run’ search box on the screen.

  2. Then, type ‘%localappdata% inside the box and tap the ‘OK’ tab to continue the process.

  3. After that, search out the ‘Microsoft’ option.

  4. Next, choose ‘Windows’ option appears in the Microsoft section.

  5. Under the ‘Windows’ section, select the WinX folder and click into it.

  6. Once WinX folder launched on the screen, navigate to any folder either Group 1, 2, or 3 and click to create a new shortcut here.

  7. Once you created a new shortcut, the Win + X menu will automatically start working again.

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