How to Use Unfold App for Instagram

By using Unfold application, you can change the Instagram stories and enhance them. This application helps you add different designs to the Instagram stories. The Unfold app offers multiple templates for Instagram stories. You can add the photo or video to the template and upload the story on your Instagram account. Here’s how to use Unfold app for Instagram.

Steps to Use Unfold App for Instagram

•    Start downloading and installing the Unfold application by going to the App Store or Google Play Store.

•    Go to the application.

•    Choose the plus symbol to start a new Instagram story.

•    Give a title to the Instagram story provided on the first display.

•    After that, choose the Create option.

•    Choose the plus symbol located on the Instagram main page for adding a webpage to a new story.

•    Choose the Unfold template by going to the end of the display.

•    Add the photo in the middle of the new Instagram template.

•    Click twice on the Instagram story for adding a message.

•    Customize the placeholder message, which is on the Instagram main page.

•    Choose the eye symbol located at the end left-hand side for saving the Instagram story.

•    Go to the Instagram application.

•    Make a new Instagram story.

•    Choose the Unfold creation.

•    Start editing the post.

Here are the steps that you have to take while making a new story in Unfold application:

•    Choose the library photos by choosing the Gallery option by going to the end of the display.

•    Otherwise, capture a photo.

•    Start adding new pages to the Instagram story by choosing the plus symbol located at the end of the webpage.

•    Start changing the size and front in the text menu located in the Edit Text option.

•    Choose the Star symbol provided in the end right-hand side of the main page for accessing the colors of the template.

•    Choose the Star symbol.

•    After that, choose the raindrop symbol for template color.

•    Choose the Star option.

•    Press on the T symbol for changing the text tab.

•    You can place multiple text, access Edit text option, and customize as per your wish.

•    Rearrange the various pages by choosing the start symbol and also the black symbol which shows midway on the left-hand corner of the screen.

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