How to Use FaceApp’s AI Ageing Filter

If you use any of the social media platforms, you might have seen the pictures of your favorite celebrities or friends and family members looking very old. They have used the AI facial recognition tool known as FaceApp that comes with various filters. One of the available filters is the Old filter, which shows the older version of any selected face in the picture. From hairs to eyebrows to beards, it changes almost everything and gives a realistic and detailed old picture of anyone. Let’s know more about this app.


What exactly is FaceApp?

FaceApp is a free Android and iOS app, which is primarily made to make user’s selfies better. Both Android and iOS users can install and use this app on their particular devices and share with everyone. Android users need to go to the Google Play Store for downloading this app, while Apple users need to open their dedicated App Store. A lot of people think that the FaceApp application is new in the market, but it is not like that. It has been there for a while and comes with a lot of great features.

You can do a lot of exciting things with the use of this app. For example, you can check out how you look older, add glasses to your face, change the hair color, and more. Most of this app features are free, but a few require in-app subscription. Even users can swap gender in pictures, same as the exclusive Snapchat filter.

This editing app comes powered by advanced neural portrait editing technology, which makes it one of a kind. The aging filter of this app is already very famous and offers a very realistic look. From Facebook to Instagram to Twitter, users are sharing their older look on all the platforms.

How to make yourself look older through the FaceApp application?

Through its advanced neural processing engine, you can easily make yourself look older. Firstly, you need to download the app on your device. Once you download this app on your Android or iPhone, you will have to give permissions accordingly. The app demands your image gallery and access to your camera. So, allow all the asked permissions to use this app ideally.

After allowing all the permissions, you will see all the camera roll and other pictures on the app grid. This process might take a while, though. You can either select an existing photo from the gallery or click a new photo for use. Once you select or click a picture through phone, it will take only a few seconds for processing. The result is given after you choose any filter after providing the photo.

On the bottom section of the screen, there will be a variety of filter options for you. For turning to an older man or woman, select “age” and then “old” and wait for a while till the image processes. Now, you can either share the processed image to different social media platforms or save the photo on your phone. This app can even make you look younger.

What about user’s privacy?

A lot of users are also concerned about privacy as they are providing all their pictures to the app. However, you need to know that once you allow this app to access your photos, it can use your photos in anyway. So, before giving all of your photos and using this app, you must read all the terms and conditions carefully. Go to its official website to check the privacy policy of the FaceApp!

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