How to update Garmin Nuvi GPS?

To update easily your Garmin Nuvi, you can use Garmin Express, a software dedicated only to Garmin GPS updating. Using Garmin Express is simple. You can download Garmin express from Garmin’s website. Garmin Express software allows you to easily update your GPS but also to save and manage all GPS data. To summarize, you can download every map you need and put it in your GPS memory through USB connexion. As a bonus, Garmin express sends you notifications to inform you of the most important updating to do.

Currently, there is an explanation of the use of Garmin Express and the right way to update your Garmin Nuvi without issues :

Step 1: Download the Garmin Express from Garmin Official sites and install it on your computer.

First, you need to download Garmin Express software on your computer. To download Garmin Express, go to Garmin’s website. Here you have to choose between windows or MAC download. Once the software downloaded, follow the instructions to finish the installation. As you know, Garmin Express can be applied for Garmin Nuvi but also Drive, DriveSafe and Zumo.

Step 2: The GPS needs to be connected to your computer

You have to connect your GPS to your computer, before updating the GPS. First, take your GPS out of your car, truck or motorbike. Then, with a USB cable, connect your GPS to your computer and wait during the loading. If it’s the first time you’re using Garmin Express to update your Garmin Nuvi, you might need to connect to your Garmin account manually. Otherwise, the connexion will be automatic.

Step 3: Access to the updating possibilities

This is time to install your updating maps. To download updating maps, insure yourself to have a high internet connexion. Add your device and locate your Garmin Nuvi GPS to start. Garmin Express software will research all of the updating possibilities available and you will see them on a list. Select the updating propositions and connect your Garmin Nuvi while updatings are loading. Once the download finished, you will have all the free apps and other updatings available. At this moment, you may need to buy updating maps licenses. If you already have the map license, you can install the maps you need on your computer. Garmin Express software automatically downloads the updating maps on your device. Downloading can takes some time especially if your internet connection is slow. To succeed in downloading the map, we recommend using an SD or microSD card. Ensure yourself to have enough memory to receive the Garmin Nuvi maps.

Step 4: unplug your Garmin Nuvi GPS

Once the downloading completed, eject your Garmin Nuvi to unplug your device safely and unplug your USB cable. Finally, you just need to put your GPS back to your car and use it as much as you like. Enjoy!

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