How To Uninstall Apps In Windows 7, 8 & 10

You may want to uninstall apps from your system due to several reasons. Sometimes, users get a better application and replace the installed ones. Sometimes, a specific app in Windows affects the entire OS by crashing files and documents. Several factors demand uninstallation of one or more applications from the system. A user should learn how to uninstall an app from the PC. If you are a Windows user and are willing to uninstall some specific applications from your computer, then you have come to the appropriate place for your solution. Here I have listed some of the most basic and effective steps by which any Windows user can uninstall an app in no time from the system

Go To Application Add Or Remove Utility

After turning on the system, click on My Computer on your PC, and there will appear the main page with local disks options. As you can see, small icons will be available above local disk options. It is the very first thing you do when you proceed to uninstall an application from the system. Besides this, the point under discussion is for Windows 7 users.

Choose The Application To Uninstall

After clicking on the option above local disks in My Computer, there will appear a new window listed with every installed application on your system. At first, choose the specific application by left-clicking on it, and after that, click right on the targeted application to uninstall it from the system.

Confirm The Selection & Remove It

Users need to confirm the process after following the steps listed above. Right-click on the application and an option appears – Change/Uninstall. Users need to select whether they want to replace the application or remove it entirely from the system. If you are willing to get rid of the targeted application completely, click on option Uninstall, and there will appear a window that demands confirmation of the users. Click on Yes to finish the action.

Start Menu Option

First of all, this method is only for Windows 10 users out there. For Windows 10 users, there’s no need to follow the steps listed above. The above steps are for Windows 7 and 8 users. And users with Windows 10 need to click on the menu option available on the home screen of the system. After clicking on the menu option, a Window appears from the left of the screen listing all the built-in and manually installed apps. Users need to right-click on that specific app that needs to be removed, and a tiny window appears containing uninstall option available in it. Select the option by left click on it, and the app will be removed from the system.

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