How to Type Accented Letters in Your Mac

Certain languages have accented letters. If you type in a language that has letters with accents, then you should know how to type accents. Do you want to type accented letters in your Mac? Then go through the steps mentioned below.


Here’s How to Type Accented Letters in Your Mac

•    Keep pressing on Command key to get menu list of accented letters.

1.    Keep pressing on the Cmd key.

2.    Click on the Space option.

3.    Go to the Spotlight.

4.    After that, enter the TextEdit in the given field.

5.    Click on the Enter option.

6.    Keep pressing on the alphabet button after entering it.

7.    Now, you will get the menu list of all accented letters based on the alphabet button.

8.    Press on a letter with the mouse cursor.

9.    Start using the number keys.

•    Enable and Use the System Keyboard Viewer on Your Mac

1.   Press on the Apple symbol.

2.   This symbol located in the menu list.

3.   It is given at the upper side of the display.

4.   Select the System Preferences option.

5.   This option is given in the pop-up menu.

6.    Press on the system keyboard.

7.    Place the tick symbol on the “Show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar” checkbox.

8.    This symbol will show on the upper side of the toolbar.

9.    It is given next to the date and time option.

10.  Press and select the “Show Keyboard Viewer” option.

11.   The system keyboard will show on display.

12.  Keep pressing on the Options button to get all the accents which are currently available.

13.    You will get the icons on the system keyboard.

14.    Keep pressing on the Option and Shift keys together to see more icons.

•    Change the language for your Mac

1.     Press on the Apple symbol.

2.     It is located in the toolbar.

3.     You will get the toolbar on the upper side.

4.     Select the System Preferences option.

5.     This option is given in the pop-up menu.

6.     Press on the Language and Region option.

7.     Press on the Keyboard Preferences option.

8.     It is located at the end of the display.

9.     Place the tick symbol on the “Show input menu in menu bar” option.

10.    Press on the Plus symbol.

11.    Find the language which you wish to add.

12.    Choose the language.

13.    Press on the Add option.

14.    Now, exit from the window.

15.    Press on the flag symbol.

16.    It is located near the toolbar.

17.    Go to the language which you have selected.

18.    Keep pressing on the Shift and Options keys together to get more icons.

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