How to Run RAM Test on Your Computer

There are times when you are doing something important on your computer, and it suddenly restarts. It happens because of a RAM issue. If that is happening or happened with you earlier, you need to run a RAM test on your PC for sure. Other than this, your PC can take a long time to launch simple applications or start or shut down because of RAM issues. Even it is possible that you get the Blue Screen of Death because of it. In that case, the best methods related to your RAM are given for you.

Access Windows Diagnostic Memory Tool

One of the easiest ways to detect RAM issues is to use this tool. It is already there on your computer as it is being offered as an in-built Microsoft program. Like most of the memory testing programs, this tool is also known for carrying out a detailed analysis of your computer’s memory. It writes codes of data on various parts of the RAM and responds to the exact code again. If the recorded code is not the same, it means that your system is having RAM issues. 

However, this tool can’t be found easily on a Windows computer as it is hidden. To start using it, click on the Start button, enter “Windows Memory Diagnostic” in the search section, and hit the Enter button. You can even access it with the dedicated command. Press the Window key and the “R” key from your keyboard at the same time. You will see a dialogue box on the screen then. Type in “mdsched.exe” now and again hit the Enter button.

After doing the process, you need to reboot the computer. You will get the option of restarting on the screen. Before clicking the restart option, ensure that all the essential files are saved on your PC. Once you accept the reboot option, the tool runs automatically, and the process will complete in a while. The results will be displayed to you after the process ends and the computer restarts.

Try switching the RAM

If your computer has a dual RAM stick, this method might work for you. You need to bring out the RAM stick manually by removing the computer case. After taking out one RAM stick, restart your PC. If you still notice the problem, insert the RAM stick again and bring out the other RAM. Restart the PC to see if the problem is solved. You will get to know which RAM needs to be replaced after this test.

Run MemTest86 Software

To know how effective the memory system of your computer, the MemTest86 Software tool will be an ideal solution for you as well. Both free and paid MemTest86 Software version are available for users. It comes as one of the best detector programs for RAM issues. This tool is capable of carrying out the memory test once you boot your PC with the use of a CD drive or a USB. After you insert the bootable media, click the Restart option, and this tool will start the scanning process automatically.

MemTest86 Software program runs different test patterns and uses so many algorithms. It scans the memory of your computer entirely, and because of that, the process might take a long time to complete. After the test is completed, hit the Esc button and then try restarting your PC. You can see the results on the right section of the display. If the errors are detected, they will be displayed accordingly to you.

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