How to Remove Old Apps and Online Accounts

In the present technological world, it is easy to create a number of online accounts and download apps that end up sitting around collecting dust. Whether you signed up for a free trial or downloaded an app that was suggested in an ad, in the end, all of this will just cause clutter. While there is not much significant disadvantage to having unused online accounts, it is better if you remove them. The lesser online accounts you will have, the safer will you and your devices be.

If any of your app or accounts get compromised, then your private data such as email address, etc. can get exposed. Hence, it is best if you get rid of all the accounts that are not being used. It is also good to wipe out your digital footprints, and removing unused accounts will be a step towards it.

Locating old and unused apps and accounts

Firstly, start jogging up your memory. Whichever unused account and app you can remember, remove it. In case you get notifications or reminders about certain accounts and apps, then remove or delete those apps and accounts. After that, open your email account and look for emails containing phrased such as “new account,” “confirm your email,” etc.

After that, go through your phone and locate the apps you do not use. Also, you can check your Google and social media accounts to see all the applications and services that are connected to them. Disconnect those apps and services, but this will not close the accounts.

Finally, open your web browser and see which passwords it saves. There you will get a list of all your accounts and their saved passwords. This way, you can find out which services and platforms you signed up for. It will also help you locate their passwords so that you can easily remove the accounts.

Shutting Down Unused Apps and Accounts

If you want to close your unused accounts, it is best to use a computer. If you do not remember the passwords, then you can just reset them. After logging in, check if you can download the data. In case you cannot or do not want to then, skip to the next step. Depending on the platform, the process of removing the account will vary. Just delete the account and follow the prompts.

It is easy to remove apps. In case you are an iPhone user and want to see the number of apps that are installed on your device, then just head to the Settings app, tap on General, and select About. iOS allows users to offload unused apps as well. You can use this feature in case you do not want to delete apps.
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