How to Rank a Facebook Page on Google SERP

Facebook is the best social media for small business owners, manufacturers, dealers, and other business individuals. It can provide good business opportunities to entrepreneurs and other small startups by promoting the services and products of a particular company.  According to the, “Facebook has 2.38 monthly active users as of the first quarter of 2019.”

Do you know that your Facebook Page can be ranked on Google’s search engine results page? Are you wondering how you can get your Facebook page at the top of Google results?  Yes, you can get to the top position in Google SERP, but it requires a thorough SEO of your Facebook business page. Today we are going to discuss how to rank FB Page on Google result. So let’s get started.

Claim Your Custom URL

Do you know that you can edit your default Facebook page URL? But to do that, you have to claim your customizable URL on Facebook. A custom URL can enhance the SEO of your Facebook business page. Put some valuable and primary keywords of your business and see the magic of Google ranking. A custom URL also helps Google to learn about your business page. Keyword in a URL is considered as the best SEO technique to rank higher.

Provide Complete Details About Business

Never leave a space empty where you can show your creativity and tell about you. Especially in your profile and Facebook page details, never leave a space. Make your profile up to date by adding all required information such as website, introduction, about your business, products, and services. An optimized Facebook page can take your ranking to the next level.

Wise Use of Keywords

The usage of business-providing keywords in a proper manner can boost the ranking for relevant customers. Keywords optimized Facebook page can also reduce bounce rates and negative traffic. Never use the keywords which are not related to your business. Proper placement and sufficient use of keywords can also help people and search engines to understand more about your business

Local Verification Badge Significantly Boosts Ranking

Just recently, Facebook added a new feature of authenticating a business with a badge. This grey colored badge will confirm that you are a real business, and it builds the trust of your customers over you. This feature can also enhance the Google ranking of your business as Google see that your business is verified.

Website and Blog links

Provide the links of other property of your business, such as your business site, blog, and other social platforms. A good looking website will boost not only your SEO but also a sign of trust and a reputable brand.

Provide Valuable Content Each Day

Google loves these sites and social pages that provide timely content to their customers and audience.  Try to make a pineapple chart for your business page and work accordingly to it. A Pineapple chart is a social media marketing strategy which is used to strategies content for social media optimization. A regular basis content likewise tends to increase the followers and likes of your page. More likes and followers will let Google trust your page more quickly, and as a result, it will boost the ranking of your Facebook Page.

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