How to Follow Your Facebook Friends on Twitter

You can find your Facebook friends on Twitter by entering their names. In case you have many friends on Facebook and wish to locate all of them on Twitter, then you have to find them separately. If you want to follow your Facebook friends on your Twitter account, then go through the instructions given on this article.


Steps to Follow Your Facebook Friends on Twitter

•    The first step you have to follow is to create a Yahoo account.

•    If you already have an account on Yahoo, then simply sign in to the Yahoo account.

•    Enter the email address and password for this procedure.

•    The log in process will take a few minutes to complete.

•    Once you have signed in to the Yahoo account, press on the Contacts button.

•    It is provided in the upper left-hand side of the screen.

•    Choose the Import Contact option.

•    This option is located on the menu list.

•    It will launch a new window that includes the menu list of different social media sites.

•    You need to choose Facebook from the menu list.

•    You will get the context menu on the screen.

•    There you have to sign in to the Facebook account.

•    Once you have signed in, you need to verify it.

•    After that,  click on the OK button.

•    Let Facebook import all your contacts to the Yahoo account.

•    Now, you have imported all the Facebook contacts successfully on the Yahoo account.

•    Press on the Done option.

•    After that, sign in to the account registered with Twitter.

•    Go down and press on the Search Contacts option.

•    It is given near the Yahoo symbol.

•    Now, the Yahoo will start loading on your device.

•    After completing the loading process, press on the Agree option.

•    It will successfully import all the contacts in your Yahoo to the Twitter account.

Key Points

•    You can search for the friends who are the registered users of Twitter.

•    If your friend has added privacy on their Twitter account, then you will be unable to find them.

•    This procedure permits you to search for only personal Facebook friends.

•    In case your contact in Facebook is registered with some other email ID, then you will be unable to find them on your Twitter account.

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