How to Fix an Xbox One Console that Won’t Go Online or Sign In

Without online functionality, Xbox console is incomplete. A lot of online functionality, online or multiplayer gaming, streaming movies, broadcasting on Twitch and Mixer, and more requires online access and signing in. Although you can do a lot more on your Xbox console, these all are incomplete without a network connection. If your Xbox One is not going online or you’re receiving an error code “0x80048051” with an error message, then you should try these troubleshooting solutions to come out from the issue.

Here is how to fix an Xbox One console that won’t go online or sign in.

•    Check the internet status

•    Check Xbox Live status

•    Check the game’s server

•    Reboot your console

•    Try power cycling the console

•    Check your sign in details

Check the internet status

You should first check your internet connection. Maybe your internet is down. Try accessing other online functions. If along with logging in you’re unable to access anything, then possibly your internet is down. There is another easy way to test the internet connection, connect another device such as your phone, tablet, or laptop with the same network. If any of the devices fail to access the internet, then your internet connection is the reason. You can quickly fix it by rebooting your modem or router. If your internet is working normally, go to next.

Check Xbox Live status

If your internet connection is okay or after troubleshooting the connection issue, nothing happens, check your Xbox Live status. You can easily verify this by visiting “” This will open the Xbox Live Status page, check here if Xbox Live is down. If it is then except wait, you can’t do anything, wait for Xbox Live to come back online. Keeping checking the status, when it comes online, try signing in or accessing the internet. If it is already online, go to next.

Check the game’s server

Game’ servers also down many times, and this can cause you won’t be able to play games online or start a multiplayer match. However, when the game’s server goes down, you’ll be able to sign in, but unable to start a game or access the online functions of the games. If the same problem is happening with you, then possibly the game’s server is down. Mostly it happens due to maintenance purpose or an error. You can check the game’s page or twitter account to check if there is a message regarding the issue. They also mentioned the expected time for the game to come back online.

Note: Some games require a subscription to provide full features. These kinds of games won’t allow you to access or play multiplayer mode. Make sure the game you’re running is not from these.

Reboot your console

It is the easiest way to come out from most of the troubles. If all the above three things are working correctly or don’t take you out from the problem, try rebooting your Xbox One console. It’s simple; see here how.

1.    Press the ‘Xbox’ button on the controller to open the guide.

2.    Go to the ‘Settings’ tab and select ‘Restart console.’

3.    Hit ‘A’ button and wait for your Xbox One to restart.

When your game console restart, check the issue you’re meeting. Go to next, if this won’t help.

Try power cycling the console

Power cycling a device won’t delete any data or settings; it usually refreshes a system and resolves many issues. Here is how to power cycle Xbox One console.

1.    Press the power button of your Xbox One console for up to 10 seconds.

2.    Release the button when your console turns off.

3.    Keep it for some time or at least 10 seconds.

4.    After that, again press the power button and turn it on.

Now, check if you’re able to sign in.

Check your sign in details

If still, you’re unable to login, then once check you’re entering the correct login details, correct email address, and password. Maybe you’ve changed the password and are using the old one for signing in.

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