How to Fix Mac Finder Not Responding

The Finder is considered as a default graphical user interface shell and also the file manager and is present in all the Mac computers. Same as the File Manager, the Finder is equally responsible for opening any apps and managing disk and files. Here’s how to fix Mac finder not responding issue.


Here’s How to Fix Mac Finder Not Responding

•    Restart Your Finder Module

1.    Go to the Finder.

2.    Go to the application.

3.    Ensure that the application should be in the foreground on the system.

4.    Keep pressing on the Shift key.

5.    Press on the Apple Now option.

6.    Choose the Force Quit Finder option.

7.    The Finder will restart automatically.

8.    In case it does not start automatically, then open the Mac Finder manually.

9.    Check if you have fixed the Mac Finder not responding issue.

It might be possible the steps mentioned above do not fix the Mac finder not responding issue. Rather than using the “Force Quit” option, you need to use the relaunch option. Here are the steps mentioned below to do so:

1.    Click on the Command + Option + Esc on your Mac keyboard.

2.    After getting the menu list of all the running apps, search for the Finder option.

3.    This option is located in the menu list.

4.    After that, press on the Relaunch option.

5.    Then, check whether you have fixed this issue.

Before we move to the next solution, you can choose the additional way to relaunch your module:

1.    Find the Finder option.

2.    This option is given on the Dock.

3.    After pressing on the Options button, you need to right-click on it.

4.    Choose the Relaunch option.

•    Kill the Restarting Process from Your Activity Monitor

1.    Go the below-mentioned path:


2.    Go to the Activity Monitor from the menu list.

3.    Press on the Activity Monitor option.

4.    Once the restarting process is done, you need to relaunch the Mac Finder.

5.    Then, check whether you have fixed this error or not.

•    Remove the Preference Files

1.    Go to the Applications option.

2.    Click on the Utility option.

3.    Go to the Terminal app.

4.    You need to do the Spotlight search for the Terminal app.

5.     After opening the Terminal app, run the below-mentioned command that will remove your desired files.

sudo rm ~/Library/Preferences/

6. After that, start restarting the system.

7. Try to open the Mac Finder.

8. Check whether you have fixed the Mac Finder not responding issue.

•    Power Cycle  a Computer

1.    Sign out from the profile.

2.    Turn off your Mac.

3.    Ensure that you unpaired the power cable.

4.    You need to wait for a few minutes.

5.    Unpair all the peripherals from your PC.

6.    Keep pressing on the Power to shut down your PC.

7.    Sign into the PC.

8.    Try to launch the Mac Finder.

9.    After that, check if you have fixed this error.

•    Check Third-party Plugins

1.    Open the App folder.

2.    Press on the View option.

3.    Press on the menu list.

4.    Now, you will get a menu list of all the apps which are saved on the PC.

5.    Choose any application, which is the reason for this issue.

6.    Click on the Uninstall option.

7.    Start the system again.

8.    Try to launch the Mac Finder once again.

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