How to Fix Jumping Mouse Wheel on Windows

Some users are facing ‘Jumping mouse wheel on Windows’ error when they scroll down with the mouse cursor. This issue is quite common amongst Windows users, and it does not depend on a particular version of Windows. If you are facing this issue, then follow the steps instructions mentioned below.


Here’ how to Fix Jumping Mouse Wheel on Windows

•    Disable Mouse Scrolling Features

1.    Press on the Start option.

2.    Enter the Control Panel in the search bar.

3.    Press on the top result so that you can launch the Control Panel.

4.    Press on the Windows and R keys together.

5.    Enter “exe” by going to the Run prompt box.

6.    You have to change the view option by going to the Control Panel.

7.    Press on the Mouse option.

8.    Once the mouse settings tab gets open on the screen, press on the Change Mouse Wheel Settings option.

9.    Start changing the Microsoft Mouse Settings option.

10.    This procedure will launch the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center.

11.    Below the Basic Settings option.

12.    Unselect both the Accelerated Vertical Scrolling and the Reverse Scroll Direction options.

13.    Check whether you are still getting the jumping mouse wheel on Windows issue.

•    Install the Latest Drivers

1.    Press on the Start option.

2.    Enter Device Manager in the search bar.

3.    Choose it by going to the menu list of the results which are available now.

4.    Press on the Windows and R keys together.

5.    It will open the Run prompt box.

6.    Enter “devmgmt.msc” in the provided field.

7.    Press on the OK button.

8.    You need to enlarge the Mice and other pointing devices column.

9.    You need to right-click on the mouse.

10.    After that, select the Uninstall Device option.

11.    Find the Microsoft Mouse driver.

12.    Type the keywords.

13.    Change the accessory type into the Mice option.

14.    In case your mouse is made by any other manufacturer, then search the mouse name and also the manufacturer name.

15.    Find the link to their online site.

16.    Search for the mouse latest driver.

17.    After that, start downloading it.

18.    You will get the menu list of all the mice which are available now.

19.    Press on their name.

20.    Go down to the Downloads folder.

21.    Go to the Software and Drivers column.

22.    You need to change the language option before you press on the download link.

23.    Open the downloaded file.

24.    Go through the guidelines which are showing on display.

25.    This procedure will help you to install the system latest drivers.

26.    Check if you have fixed this error.

•    Turn Off the Touchpad Scrolling on the Laptop

1.    Start using the Windows and I keys together.

2.    It will open the Settings tab.

3.    Additionally, find the Settings tab through the location bar.

4.    It is given at the toolbar.

5.    Otherwise, press on the cog symbol.

6.    It is located over the Start menu.

7.    Find and go to the Devices option.

8.    It is given in the Settings application by pressing on it.

9.    Go to the Touchpad option.

10.    Go through the Scroll and zoom column.

11.    It is given on the upper side of the screen.

12.    Unselect the checkbox.

13.    It is given near Drag two fingers to scroll option.

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